Ok - Some Fun Stuff

When  a telemarketer calls the house - I have my 4 year old answer the phone. I makes me laugh everytime to hear him talking and chatting away.  LMAO!!


If you want to hear some funny telemarkerter calls, go to jimflorentine.com

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

yeah and when i was one id keep calling you every shift i worked jus to show you that i didnt care...its always better to hear them out and be polite because most arent selling anything...for example have u ever hung up on the yellowpages? well you are stopping the person who delivered it from getting paid for their work cause you wont verify it. So how bout this...we could call your job an you wouldnt get paid if you got fired...anyway i no longer do that but i am still polite when they call because people have to work. People like you ruin the world period. Ur prolly mean to the cashier at Mcdonalds where u eat, and the clerk at the gas station. Its simple if your busy dont answer the phone! DUh! :D

I love it!