I feel as if everyone is running out of ideas for movies and tv shows so people create these stupid, pathetic shows that aren't the least but funny. Or it's just recycled material.
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They need to go back to 1950's type stuff cuz it will shock the audience!


Try reading a book. A real book, with paper pages and no pictures, except the vivid ones it creates in your mind.

Haha true but getting script writers write a good and original plot and finding some producer ready to experiment with the new plot is not that easy

That's very true but I feel as if nowadays people are somewhat lazy on what they produce or they just rip off other peoples plots.

Hmm.. Maybe if you are really interested try watching some animes since making them is cheaper most of them are made by the script writers(manga artists) they have a varied plot but u may have to bare with subscripts unless the one you are watching is real famous

Hahaha I watch anime all the time xD. I guess what I mean is reality tv and just other worthless shows that some from the tv suck!

yeah that's true reality tv is all about TRP's and ads so cant expect more from them :P

Tv shows are getting worse though and I think it ruins the minds of the young ones

True . reading comments is becoming a bit difficult i vil msg u

Okay!! x)

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