It Irritatates Me, And It Distorted My Reality

I hate Television, simple as that. i just had to write this story to see if there is anyone out there who thinks the same. its just something i have realised in my later years, that i have watched tv less and less to the point that i dont even turn it on.

I just hate how its so fake and the fact that its become such a hotspot for advertising. i hate the shows because it doesnt seem to be real and i used to watch so uch tv as a child, that i thought what i saw was real. i remember the soapies i would watch, because all the other channels had boring shows, the movies, and all thos infomercials that they play in the daytime. When i stepped out of my house, i soon learned that the reality was different. not everyone in the real world is a model shaped blonde lady, not all men are chiseled, not every car i see on the road is spotless, and not everyone is photogenic without pimples and freckles. I will never forgive TV for distorting my reality and I especially wont forgive myself for beleiving that crap on that idiot box. TV made me shallow because the girls on soapies like bold and the beautiful are all pretty, attractive girls, and i thought the girls on the street would look like that. Fortunately with a bit of maturing up, i am not that horrible shallow person anymore. And now the commercials, those little shows that are really just a company trying to make money by selling crap to customers. like beauty cream for example. i fell for that lie because apparently i will score and get laid if i have my beauty cream on but when i did buy it and try it, nothing happened, its full of ****. these things have made me hate television because the stuff on tv is a lie, and also the fact that it distorted my reality has really screwed me up and now i have a hatred towards tv, but i dont completely hate it, there are a few good shows like the simpsons and a whole load of comedy shows, but thats about it. Oh and another thing is that we have something called foxtel, which lots of people have. its really just hundreds of channels added to your TV. And one channel that really annoys me is the world movies channel. My dad watches movies on that channel and everytime i go into the living room just to get something, like a drink or whatever, there is a damn sex scene happening, and it always happens when i go the the living room, in fact as i type this i can hear some heavy breathing of a male and a grunting of a female making sounds in a rythm, and this sound is coming from the living room. i hate sex scenes because its repetitive and the men sound annoying and iis distracting and most of all it reminds me of the fact that i cannot have that type of fun with the lvoe of my life, and also the kissing bit too. but yeah all these little things have made me hate TV to the point that i dont watch it anymore and now its been replaced by exercise and playing more guitar. so now instead of having a gut while drinking coke on the sofa, i go joggin and now i am getting some rock hard abs and can shred on the guitar. so to TV, f*** you, i have found other ways to pass my freetime. oh and i go out more instead of being glued to the couch too. so long, idiot box with 2 ugly antennas.

jonnyronny jonnyronny
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

yeah, count me in for the group as well , tv disgusts me and all of their characters, shows ,etc

I absolutely agree with everything you've said. TV is just fake and not reality. No-one i know talks or looks like people on tv. It gives you a distorted view of the world, and is so time-consuming and addictive it can easily take over your whole life, leaving it with little of value. I hate tv with a passion.