Terrorism In Italy

I'm an italian living in the states. Growing up in rome, italy, I saw plenty of terrorism. My uncle - he's a judge - car was bombed, The decmocratic party had a center room-to-room with our kitchen and that, too, was bombed. The cafe across the street, owned by a jewish man, was bombed. People werekidnapped all the time. The army, not the police, was in the streets, searching people and their cars. My high school was found to have an entire floor filled with weapons and firearms. My sister's best friend's mother was arrested...her husband was a member of a terrorist group. My family was wealthy...we didn't live in a cheap area, still...italy took lessons from israel. We had the army outin force...come to think of it, we still do! The red brigades, the german terrosists, and all other terrorists moved to france...yes, there's a reason. France has no extradition. Theyre still there, along with roman polansky. America...well, many years ago, before 9/11, I heard on tv an american saying that america was safe because it's surrounded by water...when 9/11 happened americans were in shock. When the army was sent...I live innew york city, sometimes the army, not the police, is around, americans are worried. When I see the army I realize that america is safer...
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Feb 9, 2013