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I don't really hate testing any new build-outs for myself but I hate the whole "beta release" process that one of my contracts requires. I would rather have one or two people test it than roll it to an entire center or segment only to have to pull it back when some idiot doesn't understand. I would rather roll it to a couple of smart people and allow them to test for bugs and then allow me to work with other developers to get them fixed, but no they had rather it shut down entire segments of users and then get it fixed. I have told them several times they are doing it backwards but until something happens drastically bad it won't change. Oh well, I get paid to sit back and watch them sweat it anyway so it is money in the bank. 
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In Australia, this could be challenged under the Fair Trade Act.<br />
Your method is obviously very much better, and would save money, time and effort for producers and users alike. <br />
The method you endure seems like a deliberate ploy to incorporate faults as built-in obsolescence, the better to drive a market of creeping excellence.

No, I am not a software developer but I am a verrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy techy girl. I will talk with you outside the public domain about what I do... Oh and I have a sweet smart phone. I actually have two phones though... the Droid Razr Maxx is the one I used most often. I love it because I have talk to text and text to speech on it... I have the smart features that allow me to program by location so i am not having to turn the phone off and on in places.... it allows me to remote to my work laptop if I need files that are on it and I can remote access all the music on my iTunes so I don't have to carry around several separate iPods, tablets, kindles, etc. Oh did I mention that I have the kindle application on my computer so I can remote in to read it too? I just carry my phone and then the laptop if I am somewhere that I have to do some presentation but for everyday stuff just the phone.

They force us to go to rep level test phases before we ever test it. Shh, I have started adding 2 to 3 days to each project they send me simply so I can sit around on my butt and try to break the crap before we put it out there in "testing."

Are you a software developer? What exactly do you do? I knew you were tech savvy but I had no idea you were that much into technology. Just out of curiosity. What type of mobile phone do you use? You know you can tell a lot about a girl by what type of mobile phone she uses. :-)

Agile is the way to do it! That way there are never any huge changes that will likely cause huge bugs.<br />
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Do I do it that way? Hell no! I just don't let anyone touch the software but me and my team. One of the advantages of being a part of a research organization.

No ... no ... no!!! ....... no "beta release" !!!!!<br />
<br />
This is reminding me of recent complaints about EP ..... *sighs*<br />
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How about a true QA team .... dedicated to testing the software .... with sc<x>ripts .... before implementation .....<br />
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I think everyone is following the MicroSoft philosophy .... release it and the users will find the problems ....