I Hate This Place!

I have lived in Texas my entire life.  It is a horrible place to be.  The laws suck, the people suck, and everyday, or should I say every minute of everyday, someone is trying to screw you over - which is kinda funny when you think about it considering the fact that they execute people for just about anything here.  I could appreciate the strict laws if they were aimed at the correct people/crimes. The courts are corrupt, the people are rude (to hell with all that "the friendly state and "southern hospitality" crap - people here expect to be treated like babies, but then turn around and act like they're the baddest things on the planet).  Everytime you turn around you're being scammed one way or another - and God help black people here - He is the only one who can!.  Don't get me wrong, there are lot of people who are not racist, unfortunately they are few and far in between.  The worst kind are the ones who try so hard to pretend like they are not - for instance, treating you like you're ignorant and uneducated just because you are black - I graduated summa *** laude with a bachelors in criminology and with honors with an MBA with a concentration in accounting - and still have people (white people who are high up the ladder (so they think) talking to me like I need a dictionary (although my intelligence is very obvious) Granted I'm really laid back and down to earth, but that is a long way from being ignorant and uneducated.  I can't wait to get out this hellhole.  I would never come back even for a visit.  There is nothing about this place I would miss. I feel sorry for people who actually spend money to vacation here (and I feel even sorrier for those who pack up and move here).

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Oh, and did I mention the low grade for the education system and one of the most obese states in the country? Yeah... love it here...

No kidding, I've never seen such vitriol towards our commander in chief than down here in Texas. Bumper stickers abound with "Buck Ofama", "Don't blame me I voted for the American:... I could go on and on.

After living here 8 years I'm finally getting out. Thank God almighty! I think Texas should change their slogan from "Don't Mess With Texas" to "Texas: The other Mexico". This place is a hellhole: poisonous insects, snakes and scorpions, +100 F heat, water restrictions. Yeah... what's not to like?

It's true. All true. You can tell they do not tell with many people for the "outside" world. Think twice before coming because they say the economy is great but highly over hyped. They need to know how to deal with people first. And so far, as the white people talking down to you it's because their education (if attained here in Texas) is probably not that great. Texas is near the bottom with high school graduates and have not top rated schools. They push sports too much. We outsiders can see straight through their phoniness. They talk too much crap and can't tend to their own business. Good luck Texas because the hype of a good economy will fade people will not want to be around fake, phony and judgmental people and scammers might I add. Watch yourself here.

I was born in Houston,Texas spent some of my childhood in lake Charles,Louisiana now while at some points Iwould get annoyed at television because of how much they would always poke fun at us mostly because the description in the joke didn't fit me

Now I do call myself a republican but mostly for reasons related to welfare as i believe if you are struggling that it's good for the government to help you out but to much is the system abused to where all it up is lets just give out hand outs.

giving people handouts doesn't help anyone, they will get used to it and even if they are able will not search for work because they've gotten used to the system

now what i hate about the state is that you can't have any individuality, everyone has to be sports fan, dress the same, it's dry country, in many places you have have to drive everywhere even if you're in a small town i'm serious

Even if people aren't completely traditional it's still rather annoying that you can't get a word in

Traditionally what's expected for a child is that they go to college get a good job get married and have kids

I'm sorry really all I've really wanted was a small simple job to build up some cash while i'm living with my parents then when i do move out i have enough so i can keep working

I've tried finding part time jobs during college but after getting into my school work i decided i wouldn't have enough time but i was never called back so it didn't matter,finding jobs in a small town is difficult

I know there is the threat of hurricanes and everything but i still think i would rather live in a state closer to the water, i like being in a city but not like houston something that you can walk around

Another thing is alot of us will complain about gays, or more openly the more flamboyant which is rather stupid because you don't have to be gay to be flamboyant
, and most of the the people that complain have never even met a gay person in their life

I happened to work with with a gay man and one of my teachers was a lesbian, another one of my mom's friends who helped me with my spanish homework had become a lesbian(she had a husband before

and i can deal with a guy being flamboyant i'm not that shallow, i do have the limit to the point where it's so so overdone the guy/girl who ever seems like they are faking it that is when it annoys me

but then anything is bad when overdone

I agree. I am 45 years old and I have lived in this state my entire life. I live in the east texas area and the people here are not friendly if you were not born and raised in their little one horse town. I am finishing my degree as I write this and plan to leave the moment I walk the stage to higher ground. The fake "southern hospitality and Christianity," is for the birds. These people do nothing but talk behind your back and treat you like a leper if you do not have "people or kin," as they say here. <br />
<br />
I was raised in San Anntonio, my parents were from this area and moved back upon my dad's retirement. After a divorce I thought I would move to be closer to family. Wrong. From the moment I came here these people have allienated me and my children. They are closed minded, rude, and have nothing for you if you are single. They treat you like something is wrong with you because you don't have to be married and it blows me away because the town I live in only has 1000 people and there are three main families. Everyone is intermarried which is weird. <br />
<br />
I was told just yesterday by a girl who was born and raised here that this place is a vortex. You may leave, but you always come back. It is true, these people live here their entire lives and never leave. The get the sense of who they are by whose last name they have. If you are of this name you go to this church and it means you have this money....and the cycle of ignorance continues. The children here go to school and by kindergarten have the sense of who they are and demand to be treated in a way that they think they deserve. Funny thing is, if you take these people and drop them into a large city or take them to New York, California, Florida, or any other state, they become nobodys. Hence, they stay here to make them think they are somebody. <br />
<br />
They are proud, and have no sense of humility. That is the Texas way. I can't wait to leave and be around people who are more open minded. These folks go to church every time the door is open, but are racist, in every form and fashion. They would rather talk about people of different nationalities and sexual orientations than just accept them and love them. That's what the Bible says to do. <br />
<br />
It's sad to me. I feel as if I have wasted half of my life in this place and can't wait to leave.

I agree with 'flyingawaysoon', i am currently in east texas and yes, I see all those characteristics you describe. ironically, i am a Christian myself but i do not think these folks here are christians, but a mere cross carrying hypocrite. thrash talking seems really prevalent here and they really hold people from different parts of the country, nationality or race in extreme disdain.

Get out as soon as you can. Your spirits will raise tremendously. I finally got out after seven years and mine did. Good luck!

I totally agree with southernhell. I am ashamed to have been born in texas. Texas I one of the most homophobic states ever. I have traveled all over the county and the worst state I have been in is Texas. This place is so depressing that I have considered suicide.

I'm not Homophopic.I just think Your wires are crossed.

Way to prove the point of the original poster, TXLVR.

Yeah. Hi. this is to the ***** named southernhell. I don't care what race you are. I am against the death penelty. The state has some really pretty places. and guess what. You are just hating the people. Do you actually have a reason tho hate the state as a whole. have you ever stopped to think that the people that you are talking to are just stupid and may not even be from texas. My grandmother lives in east texas and she is one of the kindest people ever. Which is more than I can say for you, you Dumbaqss *****. And, you know, there is a reason why people come to this state for vacation. Its called southern hospitality. Your born with or without it. Don't go judging a whole state based on your expeirences. Have you ever even considered moving away. Dumb *****. I don't like you. not based on your race, or based on anything else but your attitude.

well TXLVR, it is very obvious you are from Texas, and probably from east texas, if not you may have grown up as a hateful person. someone who speaks with soo much anger, profanity, and hatred, that sounds alot like an east texan. lol...

This whole group is about hate. Have You not read the title? Every one here is spreading hate. Wake up JR.

I have been here 6 months, and I have yet to see or experience, your soo called 'southern hospitality' maybe hospitality to your own texan kind

Its these attitudes You speak that is these folks problem.I see nothing but a bunch of whiners feeling sorry for themselves .It wouldn't matter where They live.

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