I Wasn't Born In Texas And Left As Soon As I Could

I remember moving to texas from the east coast few years back. I was tired of living in close quarters with my neighbors and wanted a big spread in the country in texas. Well, I got want I wanted, 60 acres in the country. What I didn't anticipate is the filth, idiocy, ignorance, dispicability unrivaled by any other state. I had to contend with people shooting at me, driving onto my property willy nilly, and a good old boy system, where stupidity and ignorance are king. The only decent people in Texas are ironically those from out of the state who have to pay to own, and not simply inherent. I am pretty sure, were it not for outsiders, Texas would still be the last holdout of the neandrathals. Other than the people, all the mexican food gets kind of old, and I got chicken pox there at 30, so be careful and carry lots of purrel. A funny side note is the texas pride thing, people feel like they have accomplished something just by being in the state.  I can go on and come off more and more bitter, so I'm going to stop here, suffice it to say I'm not a fan of the state.
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I'm coming back here 3 years later, quite randomly actually, and never expected any comments. Here I have 2400 views and many many comments. Thank you to those with positive comments whether you're in agreement or not. **** you to those who use this forum to talk about their take on Obama or whatever dumbass ignorant hatred they spew everywhere.

To expound more on my sentiments about Texas, I still have friends there in San Antonio where I worked while I lived near the hill country. Honestly, I enjoyed some of my time with friends while I was in Texas. I think if you can stand the hot climate, San Antonio is a great place if you take into consideration the cost of living vs wages.

At the end of the day we have to make a decision for ourselves about what we want out of our lives based on prior experience. I can't blame Texas for my problems, but what I can say is that neighbors play an important role in our lives. I had good ole boy neighbors that felt a sense of entitlement that I build the fences, and I bring the water line to our property so we could both benefit from it. I know a lot of people who blame inner city people on welfare for having a sense of entitlement. Having lived in rural texas, and being from the east coast (which itself has a lot of issues), I saw a lot of that same entitlement sentiment from country people who've been here for generations. I feel I understand entitlement a lot better as it spans across races and socio-economic status having lived in Texas and the east coast.

I can go on forever, but this is really what I want to convey. Be nice to people, be nice to your neighbors, be genuine, be happy, and talk out your differences. Again, thanks to all the good people who wrote constructive comments. To those who felt threatened by my experiences and wrote responses quite reactively, I hope you can pass on my entry and react to experiences you can relate to more positively.

I could not agree more! Can't stomach the food, the people, back stabbing holier than thou Christian creeps the low wages, no screens, no caged lanais, do not dare to be an I dividvidual, from anywhere but the cornfield where these freaks were hatched and of course will hatch and yank up the next generation of proud overbearing idiots.

Where did you live in Texas? It is a pretty big state, so broadly saying that Texas is horrible is an overstatement.

Not everyone in Texas is like that. I am a native Texan. I am sorry you dealt with that. I wonder which part of Texas you were at. My Grandparents used to live in Llano, Tx. Some of the locals out there acted like that.

Thanks for the entertaining story

I hate this place too. I couldn't agree with your more on all accounts.

I am sorry you were not able to enjoy your stay here. Needless to say, it is true we are quite different compared to other states. I suppose the best way to explain it is that being a "born and bred" Texan is a way of life. I grew up in a small Texas town, it is not perfect, but it is home. Yes, I agree, there are quite a few "rednecks" that are extremely narrow-minded and refuse to respect other ways of life. And I agree, once again, that many times these rednecks are most likely the popular-football-pla<x>yer sons of the super-rich business owning fathers. Sadly, whomever has the money, has the power. But I wanted to let you know, though, there are friendly people here in Texas, but they can be hard to find. I know plenty jerks, and also plenty of generous people willing to aid in any way they can. I hope your bad stay won't keep you away forever. Come again, the nicest people are not always found in the most conventional places:)

Are you really from Texas? I am sorry to say I am shocked. I am not much of a "ranter" so I won't get into details, but my experience with Texas, and it's people have been much the same. But even hearing one voice that is not riddled with bias, and seems to have compassion, is enough to give me hope. I really don't like to HATE anything. But the conditions I have found, have been much the same as our friend who started this, and every person, it seems, from Texas, has no tolerance even for an unkind word about the state. Much like somebody was telling them their children were ugly and stupid, and in utter disagreement, blurt the exact things that make Texas objectionable. I am encouraged to hear your open minded remarks.

I couldn't have said it better myself. I came here for college, and I didn't think my county had a very good education system, but I've never met more idiotic people in my life that I've met just by being here for a 3 months. And you're right, every "good" person I've met here came from out of state. I'm honestly kind of sad for this state. Everyone living here says, "It's such a fair state, people are so nice." Yeah, of course you think that, you were raised with this stupidity. I better stop now, I could go on forever.

Sorry you didn't fit in, but everybody don't. It's best to find someplace where you do. I agree with Rawrrrrrrrrrr Texas is a whole different country and maybe you'd be happier in the one Obama runs. We tend to look at things differently and to prefer our own ways in Texas and Oklahoma both. Like I say, sorry you didn't like it but please don't expect to be missed when you're gone!

Texas is like a whole other country - with diversity of lifestyles and attitudes. I'm sorry you met people who weren't so kind or open-minded, but, having lived in Texas and on the East Coast, I know there are ignorant people in both places. There are also nice people in both places! But there are definitely more friendly people in Texas.<br />
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I love Texas, but I'm not much of a country girl. (Even though I'm sure there are nice country towns there, I don't like having to drive too far to the store.) Maybe if you lived in a city or suburb you'd like it more.

I live in Houston area, moved here 5 1/2 long years ago. I get tired of hearing foreign languages everywhere that I go. The foreign cultures were cool to experience for the first year or so, but now it is just annoying. <br />
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I am from a small town in KY, not the boondocks though. I have 1 more year of school and I plan to get homes as soon as I can afterward. By then thee job market should be stronger in KY and I will be able to sell my house here fairly quick. I am tired of the heat, humidity, traffic congestion, and the threat of hurricanes 6 months of every year. I think the original poster is judging TX by its rural places, but it is like that nearly everywhere when you are way out in the sticks. Neither of us like it here in TX, but it seems that it is for different reasons.<br />
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The "good old boys" here are usually fake urban cowboys who drive 4wd trucks that never leave the pavement. Half of the people who live here that I have met are from elsewhere and are here for jobs in the oil industry. We also have the worst air quality of any city in the US, cause by heavy auto use, chemical plants, and refineries that would rather pay fines than actually comply with EPA regulations. The oil business is dirty, and it is a key component to the Houston, and the TX economies

Where did you actually live in Texas.....what do you suspect your in the middle of no where go to Dallas and will be a big diffrence