Do Not Move To Texas

I moved from Florida to Texas 3 years ago, because of my husband's job. I was guidance counselor for 2 years in Florida, and I have over 6 years of experience counseling children and adolescents. when I got to Texas the board of education took $175 to review my credentials, only to tell me that I have to be a classroom teacher for 2 years before I can even submit my information to become a certified school counselor in TX. Then after I teach for 2 years, since I earned my Masters degree in FL they will have to review my transcript to make sure that it meets Texas requirement. Had I moved to any other state I would have been able to obtain employment as a guidance counselor with my education and experience in the school setting. These people act like they are they own country and if something is no from TX, then its not good enough. I have never experience racism, like I have since I move to this state. This place is so segregated, everyone stick to their own kind and they have big time us verses them mentality. I could go on and on, bottom line Texas sucks and I can't wait to get out. I pray for the next opportunity for us to get out of here, I will run out and will not look back. If you're thinking about moving to Texas, please don't. I don't wish this on anyone,
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I am from Miami, Florida and I lived in San Antonio, Texas for a year and a half before my family and I decided we couldn't do it anymore. I'm in high school in Miami right now and my family is making plans to move back to texas (for reasons unknown) The seasons are ridiculous. It's either unbelievably hot or too cold to walk outside. The people are so rude. When I was in junior high, the kids were welcoming at first but as soon as they got comfortable with you, they would turn on you for literally NO reason whatsoever. Trust me, if you're thinking about moving there, don't. It's not worth it. I agree with all the replies about the roads being nasty and messed up. Florida's roads are so nice and smooth and the paint is clear to see which is great for young drivers like me. Texas, on the other hand, the roads are uneven, HUGE potholes, and the paint lines that divide the lanes are basically invisible. I'm desperately trying to remind my family how horrible it was for us while we were there so we don't have to move back, considering it would be our 3rd move is three years which I find ridiculous because I'm 15 years old with bad anxiety and minor depression so moving me around the country over and over isn't healthy. Oh, and the pride thing? ridiculous. Slap a star on anything and they'll worship it. I've never understood it and I don't plan on it either. DO NOT MOVE TO TEXAS.

I have lived in Texas all of my life and I'm trying to find another state to live in. The people here are racist, bitter, arrogant, two-faced, and pretentious. The culture besides being a redneck/country fest is non exsistent. My Co workers are from montana, iowa, and Oregon and they all think that Texas sucks. I agree with them.

This is a....well stupid response to how much Texas apparently sucks. Well let me tell you something you are wrong. Did you really expect to have the same as you did in Florida? Florida has some pretty arrogant people. Because of your experiences with Texas you expect us to all hate Texas well you are once again wrong!

I am Latina and experienced more hatred in Florida than in Texas. I visited Houston, Austin, and San Antonio and never felt out of place. When I visited St. Augustine, FL I was greeted with mean looks as though telling me i don't belong. I live in Miami Beach and there is a lot of snooty people there. Also all cuisine in Florida sucks, ie Italian, French, Indian, Spanish to name a few. Also there's nothing to do here in Florida.
With every place there is always location you have to consider before moving any where

I moved there and cried for 6 months before getting out. It was a nightmare. It's ugly. Smelly after it rains. People are just not normal. Living back in Massachusetts and happy again.

CaribbeanGirl it sounds like you're the problem, not Texas. You were just experiencing a bit of culture shock. The same thing we would experience if we had to live in your state.

This is entirely absurd. I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. I have also had the pleasure of visiting metropolitan cities such as Miami, San Francisco, Denver, etc... All these cities are beautiful however segregated within themselves. I have NEVER been to a major city that is entirely diverse per neighborhood. In fact I have found in my lovely city of San Antonio, that the majority of people are of Latino descent (such as myself). This makes it easy for me and my Mexican family to assimilate to American life without discrimination, but it is not entirely avoidable. With that said I have encountered racism in many states ranging from Texas to California to Idaho. Racism is alive, everywhere! As far as education goes, pardon my French but go suck donkey balls. I am an undergraduate at UT and the mathematics department is amazing. The majority of my professors are doctors and researchers with more knowledge in their pinky than the contents of your brain.

Anyways, in sum Texas isn't as fowl as most make it seem. It is not the ideal place for everyone to live, but I sure do love it. Don't get me wrong, I love getting away from the heat, bible thumpers, and tacos every here and there. Yet, I will never refute the beautiful place which I call my home.

how about Austin, tx? I really loved Austin when i visited and thinking about relocating there from Florida.

I also disagree with Texas being segregated. The racial diversity is quite well, diverse. I don't feel that any one race is help up more than the other. I am quite proud to be a Texan, however I am aware that it is not for everyone. The hot weather near the south is not my favorite thing either.

I find this experience horrifying. I am a Texas native, but I live in a Minority-Majority city, where the majority of the people here are of Latino/Hispanic descent. I myself am a 3rd/4th Generation Mexican-American. My part of Texas is not segregated. Of course one can see the gentrification of the city - in particular between the citiy's south and north sides; however, I find that racial tolerance is fine. I also go to university in the South - North Carolina - and find more discrimination there for being Mexican than I do within my city. I learned about White/Race privilege among other things, and I understand how pervasive it can be, wherever one goes. I have nothing against my home city, other than the class-ism that makes my city sick. I am proud to be a Tejano of Latino descent, I feel it makes my experience more unique and cultured.

I am an 8th generation Texan and a 3 time debutante and still had the misfortune of marrying two rednecks and lived in countless trailers until I finally realized that place was NOT for me . I hate that place with a passion and will NEVER go back there, not even when I die . My family is either dead or gone from there and the Texans I still care about and call my friends don't live there anymore either .. I have lived for decades now in either Europe or Seattle . I am married to a European man . I have an EXTREMELY low tolerance for ignorance and in that state it runs rampant . To those that do not care that we left .. we don't care either. We are glad not to live our lives with small minded, low class, uneducated , totally ridiculous people anymore frankly . I ABHOR the word /phrase whatever , ya'll. Its stupid . I still have a drawl but speak with intelligence. I love how they think they can make it on their own .. next hurricane and they are screaming for FEMA. Poverty , dirt , racism, ignorance , corrupt law enforcement , idiots with guns that in NO WAY should be allowed one . OMG gross . I am so glad I am away . My quality of life is so much better in Seattle and Its easier to meet intelligent, actually interesting people brimming with fresh ideas instead of wondering what giant plate of food they will be ingesting next ..

For being educated, it seems as if you would use an apostrophe when you mean to say "it is". But what do I know, I'm from Texas. Texas is actually very diverse and there is no racism from what I've observed. And the few hurricanes that do hit are only on the East Coast. Lastly, we have guns to protect ourselves and our loved ones; I guess you don't know what it's like to care about people and vice versa considering you're rude and stubborn additude.

Yes , what DO you know ?? Is that the best you can do ? I think you proved my point . If you were really from Texas you would know that hurricanes do not only hit the east coast , racism is alive and well and your gun statement is laughable. Since I am not scared to death I don't need one and haven't for the last 53 years of my life. I can well protect "my family" ( lame excuse) in other ways . besides if it's so great there WHY do you need one . Go shovel in another plate of food and fire some more rounds towards the neighbors .. they'll understand, you're just protecting your family .. lmao jeez. Oh !! I just noticed you are in the 22-25 category no wonder you think everything I said isnt true ... just give it some time and open your eyes. I am double your age young man and I know what its about . Only hit the east coast lolol I knew there was something amiss there .

B****, how many times do I need to give you a lesson about the South. Guns are not killers people are. I hate you so much and I don't even know you, I just hate your ignorance. Liberal media is the worst. And c*** you are a racist yourself. Racism is the discrimination or intolerance of a race or culture, and what you are saying is racist to Texans. In your eyes, Texans are racist rednecks who live in trailers. Now listen Paula Deen, I hope you have learned something. Don't mess with Texas c***

Listen ***** I have low tolerance for ***** who don't know what their talking about. Houston is the fourth largest city in America and my state is filthy rich from oil sales and more. As for racism I am sorry that not everybody is a liberal ***** and shares your views. Btw, Texas survived for a long time as their own COUNTRY. Now give me something interesting about Seattle? Btw you are being very intolerant and ignorant with this comment. I don't give a **** that you are a cougar who's married to a European guy, those who preach tolerance are intolerant of others. Btw low class and uneducated? Why are we talking about you hoe. Btw I'm 30 so if you are going to call me a "kid" don't. 🖕🖕🖕 Don't let media brainwash you about the South. You Yankees are the most annoying thing on Earth. You are like Hillary Cunton and Jesse Jackson mixed. F*** you and enjoy Shitattle. Bye Felicia

First word that is started out is b****, second is c***, third is pus**, fourth is f***, and c*** die bitc*.

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I have lived in VA, Mass, NH, IN, Oklahoma, Deleware, and ovEr seas, aside from visiting many states and countries. Living in Texas was the worst place I have ever been!! Texas has the most ifnorant, lazy, under trained state emplouees, corrupt cops, racist, rude people I have ever met. The Texas pride thing - I think most Texans have never left the state - nothing to be all too proud of. Unbelievable crime too. Geesh. Just put a star on it and it is "all that". That mentality is fargen bizarre. F-/:;() weird arshe mother-fu-/:;( live in that state. Everything is bigger there - even their big mistakes. Religeois hypocrits. Can't those bible thimpers ever love someone. No, instead you have to be just like them. Highest teen pregnancy in the nation, one of the highest highschool drop out states in the country. Oh, yeah, low unemployment rate , but if you are not the oil company owner expect only minimum wage and thank god for the dumpY trailer you live in because you are just proud of Texas. RUN away from this state. It is the biggest dump I have ever seen. Galviston beach - Texans are proud of it too - Is a cess pool. Dang.

It's hard to believe we have a higher high school dropout rate than wherever you came from. Learn how to spell correctly and then judge us.

You are NOT us, you are still just a child and a thinks he knows it all one as well .

Listen grandma, go die ****

LMAO ,, is that the best you can do ??

Texas isn't any worst than any other place in the US and I've been everywhere! You act like your **** doesn't stink.

No I just treat myself with dignity . I know you have to rely on Texas to do that FOR you.

Y are you here, nobody cares about your bitching you ******* Yankee liberal ****

My ,my small child what LANGUAGE you've got ... BTW dumba$$ you can take me OUT of the south but not the south out of me.. just the Texan and I am not a liberal ,, I am a socialist ... You are the one bitching and wildly out of control as well lol .

You have some of really bad grammar.

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I don't understand why y'all are just flat out attacking Texas. From what I've read, y'all think that Texas is a hideous state, our cities are slums, our people are uneducated, our schools suck, we have an undeserved sense of pride, our air is polluted, and everything is just awful. From where I live, Deer Park, I can say that all of your accusations are not entirely true. The school that I go to is excellent and mostly everyone I know there is a wonderful person. I have been to Houston, Dallas, and Austin on multiple occasions, and while they aren't glistening palaces, they aren't horrific ghettos. I've also been to College Station, and the beauty is breathtaking. But what I really want to say is that any city or state has its ups and downs, and can be considered awful. Every state has idiots, jerks, criminals, and racists. Every state has people who think that it's the best. Every state has at least one disgusting city. You say that everyone is either racist, rude, or stupid unless you've met them all. You can't say that all the cities are hellish unless you've lived in them all. ( I will say, though, that Pasadena and LaPorte are just atrocious) You can't say that all the schools suck unless you've enrolled in them all. You can't say that employment sucks unless you've tried to get a job in every city. Basically, what applies to Texas applies to everywhere else. We aren't the best, even if we think we are. (And I admit that it can be annoying) No state is the best; they're all just different.

(P.S.) I just wanted to point out that the person who posted the story had not-so-good grammar, and a few people said that Texans had bad English skills, so.....

I lived here in Houston for 3 months now and let me say, I hate this place so much. Moved from FL to PA then here. I love FL and PA but this state? No!!! I've been to every state in America and this is the worst. Georgia is second.
Why this state is first? Number one reason is people. Absolutely full of **** face lying ppl who seem to only care about themselves. Honestly. And i know just about everyone only cares for themself, perfectly understadable. But to a degree, and these **** face Texan ppl have no clue what the "Degree" is. They some how will make you feel very uncomlmfortable being around them. Black, hispanic (which make up 90% of texas) it does not matter they are all lying careless *****! Dont you dare moved to Texas
Especially and i mean Especially Houston. I can tell you now, you will regreat it.

Florida is a clone of California, btw racist, **** you

I also moved from Florida to Texas. My experience here in Texas has been awful. People here are very rude and arrogant. Customer services here are crap, you're lucky if someone nice assists you, but it's very rare. The roads are a mess.... huge potholes , hardly any reflectors, and paint on the roads are worn off. Its just sad how texas is a very prosperous state and does nothing to make the state nice. People here tend to drive disastrous, it's as if they don't know how to drive. Truth is I'm scared for my life when I'm driving here. There seems to be a lot of drunk driving plus to top it off the roads are dangerous with sharp curves, many bridges and exits. Apparently texas doesn't seem to care about littering. Everywhere you turn you see trash. What a shame. And yes here people have a tendency to rip you off as many ways as they can. And the beaches here are disgusting. First time i went to Galveston bch i saw a condom floating right pass me, it's like, really? .... then as i was leaving, right on the dirty sand was a pad wide opened!!!!! Texas people are nasty and unsanitary. Ive seen so many disgusting things in the woman's bathroom numerous times and even dirty diapers in the parking lots a couple times. I've only been here for 6 months! !!! Honestly, Texas has better job opportunities than Florida but it's not a great place to live and raise your family.

Texas is the the best state

Im sure you've never traveled to any other state.

I lived in Florida for 30 years Orlando then Clearwater then fort Myers beach. The very reason you dislike Texas is the very reason I moved there. Florida is the place to run from. Its gotten very dirty in past 7 years. And in Orlando area is loaded with P.R Hispanic Gangs. They made Orlando as dirty and as dangerous as puerto Rico. And no work or industry in Florida. Texas is a state with great backbone and I raising my boys there. Thank you. Ps fort Myers beach naples area was nicer but still no work. Texas also don't step on your constitutional rights like Florida dose. And yes you don't find that swag to *** where u turn your hat to the side and where your pants around your legs and show your underwear. Yup that beautiful state Florida I called home for 30 years went to crap. And Texas also don't have it's hands out to take your money every chance it get. And if you don't have auto insurance Texas don't suspend your driver license for that or for every other little thing. And we will protect our border in full force. Thank you again.

Good luck with raising your kids in texas. The only good thing about texas is job opportunities. But its polluted with all kinds of chemicals from refineries. I believe there are wanna be gangsters every where throughout the world, not just in florida or Orlando area. I actually live in Texas myself and let me clarify, florida is clean compared to texas. Texas is what you call dirty. Yes florida has its laws and even though i may not agree completely to it as far as suspending your license when no insurance, i believe it's made for our own good. Thank you.

Good luck leaving! I will be out of here as soon as I find a job out of state - ANY state but here. I will have to visit here because my family lives here but I vow upon my life I will NEVER make the mistake of living in this state again.

I have lived in Texas for the majority of my life since I was 6 years old. I liked it just fine and even felt proud to be a "Texan" until I got to be an adult and had to support myself; then I realized how horrible it really is. I also have lived in two other states - one up north and one in the deep south and now live in Texas again. By comparison to these other places, Texas is a dump. The climate is horrible. I sit here right now on October 2 and it is around 95 degrees outside with around 90% humidity. There is one season here pretty much and that is HOT. We do get some cold days in the part of Texas where I live and we do even have snow, but later on in the week it will be HOT again. It is also an ugly state. I never really cared what the scenery looked like before, but I can now say I have lived in and visited some truly beautiful places. Texas (at least the part I live in and to be honest, the vast majority of the state that I have visited) is burned, dead grass; short, deformed trees and a bunch of ***** malls and highways with ugly billboards. I guess many from this "fair state" can probably guess from my description of the weather that I hail from the Houston area where the scenery on the sides of the highways looks like the aftermath of a nuclear bomb explosion. It is sad, really - such a "prosperous" city has tenements that look unlivable lining the sides of the roadways. Even our beloved Austin, the bastion of "weirdness" and friendliness at one time is now just another mid-sized city full of rude people, traffic and chain restaurants. It used to be a real treat to visit there; now it's just a bore. for the economy - it is not what they say on the news. I stupidly relocated back here to be nearer to my family from a deep south state that everyone thinks is "poor and backward." I had convinced myself that if I could make it there, then I was guaranteed to do well in my home state where oil and honey was flowing. I had a good job and was using my graduate degree from a good northern institution. WELL...I am now underemployed and struggling greatly. I spend the great majority of my spare time job-hunting and have yet to come up with anything in the state of Texas that is any better than what I have. I can't even get an interview for anything decent. I should've been tipped off when I didn't get into a good grad school here and was taken with hand kisses into schools in other states. I had a great interview in a neighboring state a couple months ago and made the final cut but didn't get the job. AT LEAST I GOT AN INTERVIEW!! I can't even get that here. I feel such a despair that it sickens me. All I want is to save up enough money to move back to my old state or to another state where there's more opportunity. I have started seeking work elsewhere - family or not, if I stay in Texas, I will go broke. So for those of you thinking of moving here for the JOBS they're always preaching about - I know plenty of qualified, smart people who are unemployed or underemployed. There are more than 25 million people here vying for the same jobs - we can't all get them.

And as to the above - YES, Texas is racist and ignorant! By far, Texas is the most racist place I have lived. People of ALL races here are racist against people who are not like them. I agree with those who say Texas is racist; it really is. Even whites in the deep south state I lived in for a while were not like here.

I understand COMPLETELY signed ex 8th gen Texan .

I love these stories! I moved to Texas to be with my boyfriend (now husband) who was stationed at ft. Hood. I moved from Phoenix, Arizona and I never really understood the beauty of Arizona until I moved to Texas. They have potential to be a pretty state because they have so much greenery, but they shovel it down and replace it with ugly, ****** roads that they believe are pretty as long as they put a ******* star on it. In Texas, a star fixes everything. And they have so much state pride! For no reason! They speak poor English, they hardly care for their appearance, and they are close minded. Not to mention the job opportunities here SUCK. I would leave this place now except then my husband would be even more miserable than he already is here. So I suppose I'll suffer more so that he can suffer less while he's stuck here. Can't wait to get out.

I've lived in texas my whole life, and I don't agree on all of that... but, I live in Houston. Believe it or not, half the time we don't even remember we live in the "Lone-star state." I think you are talking about the 'road trip' part of Texas. Not where all the cities are, or at least not the Dallas and Houston area. Because, around here... the only stars I see are on a Starbucks billboard, or on their drive thru sign. I can agree with you on a lot though, there is TONS of greenery, and yeah, in some parts of Texas, we are way too patriotic for no reason. WE AREN'T EVEN COUNTRY! I hate people who insist they are country just because they live in Texas, we are just like any other person that lives in California or Florida, for example. And, it kind of offended me when you said we speak poor english. Look, I don't know what part of Texas you live in, but it must be a ****** up area if NO ONE knows proper englishl. There are some steriotypically "ghetto" places in Texas that are full of hispanics. But, don't let that be your impression of this place. Move somewhere better, not in the Mexican ghetto lol. I hate the ghetto part of town and I know how you feel, but Texas doesn't straight up suck.

I've lived in Tx. for 20 5 yrs was in S. Carolina and we moved back. I've lived in a lot of states, I agree with the whole pride thing. There's nothing wrong with pride but it's an obnoxious kind of pride I think. I won't say I hate Tx but I'm burnt out on it. I'm burnt out on hearing "y'all","Go Spurs Go," the boots, the big belt buckles and cowboy hats , everything being "Texas sized "actually I'm researching Arizona, maybe you can tell me a few things about it... I know it's hot there, just like here... but I love the mountains." I'm an adventurer at heart, I've got nothing here for me anymore and just want to move on . I have no real friends here anymore cause all my friends have moved on.

Desert.Dirt.Heat.Mountain's.Cactus.Indian Art.Sparse.If you like Cali or NV not to far a drive from AZ to those places.
I personally hate this state, none of those things appeal to me.But if thats your thing you might like it here.

My condolences. I was born in Waco 52 years ago and fortunately escaped.

I hear ya! I was born in Dallas and my husband was born in Houston. We both hate it here. We are both in our 40's. We both have been to almost every state. I have lived in several. Texas doesn't really have much to look as far as scenery until you reach the Stateline were it says LEAVING TEXAS. It has gotten so much worse here the last 10 years. Rude people everywhere, I used to be a much nicer person but honestly it's rubbing off on me and I don't like it. The smaller towns are not so bad but the big cities are a nightmare. Thankfully my adult son lives in a smaller town. I only wish Florida had higher paying jobs so we could move back. I miss the cleaner air and beaches. Galveston beach is nasty I hear people say how nice it is and think oh my you haven't left Texas huh. Also doesn't seem to be a whole lot of true Texans here any more most folks are not from here that I speak to or overhear talking. People come here thinking there are plenty of jobs and although there are jobs it's not what it's made out to be. There are a lot of very TEMP or SEASONAL jobs hardly enough to pay the bills. It doesn't matter what state you live in there is good and bad. Personally I'm super burnt out on DFW. Rude non driving jerks. Our families live here and love it. (Unreal).....Truth is people can't handle the truth! Anyways good luck to all of you where ever life sends you! -from a Texan that only dreams to escape sooooon!

Waco is wacko

I am living in Phoenix now....what beauty are you talking about?Dirt, cactus and sh1tty indian art? I am going back to where I grew up and that's Texas. I Cannot wait to leave this desert dump! Austin is still beautiful and so are many other places in Texas. Screw Arizona ugly backwards bilge. Beauty my ***.

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I adore you for speaking out against texass, everyone should.

dallass is hell on earth, if Satan has a summer house it's in dallas no doubt -no beaches, horrific weather, barely there sunshine (they think that's real sunshine, how pathetic) everyone there is mad all the time and jealous all of the time and they all mistakenly think they live in the greatest place on earth because they’ve been brainwashed by the tex-*** shool system into believing that horse ****, also 90% of the people in that God forsaken state have never left their own state and continue to bash any other place that isn’t tex-*** on every single online forum but they just sound like ignorant little rats compared to the rest of the world which are majestic stallions and dobermans, they also seriously think they have the hottest women in the country (they don’t, I didn’t see a single 10, 9 or even 8 during the THREE years I lived in dallas, I’m originally from LA and also lived in New York, Orange County and Anaheim and those places have gorgeous 10s by the dozens but everyone in dallas and the entire state of tex-*** is a jealous, fat, horribly aging, ticking disaster and even if they aren’t redneck on the outside they are redneck on the inside, they are all two faced and incredibly rude, petty, passive aggressive and pathetic found that out the hard way. They also have absolutely nothing to do over there so they just gossip about other people all day long every single day from the time they’re born all throughout their meaningless lives unless the day they die. Also native tex-*** people age terribly none of them look decent after the age of 25 (must be something in the water), 5 of THE FATTEST cities out of the top 10 fattest cities in the entire US are located in tex-*** because there is literally nothing to do there but eat and stay inside, it’s boiling hot in the summers to the point where plants outside burn to death, in the winter it ******* SNOWS in dallass did you know that? Their horrible death- air in the major tex-*** cities are some of the most polluted in the entire country they're in the top 10 most polluted out of all of the cities in the entire country (look it up on the American lug associations air pollution prevention website "stateoftheair") and the people there are so angry and miserable all of the time that they will go out of their way to try to make everyone else around them miserable, I won’t even take a flight that flies over that God forsaken state, I’ll take two connections and pay extra $1,000 just to avoid that place if I have to, don’t ever go there it is literally hell on earth.
It’s why Lamar odom screwed them over and left that God forsaken state wearing a Lakers Champion shirt haha! He and Khloe couldn’t state that place after living in the golden coast. He stated that people were literally yelling things at him and being unbelievably rude to him from the seats and that has to be some offensive **** because ball players get heckled all the time but in tex-*** they will go out of their way to make anyone successful, rich, beautiful, or happy miserable because their minds are really ****** up and they don’t know any better. They really are petty enough that if you dress LA in the streets of dallass they are so ignorant that they will accuse you of being a prostitue because no one in dallass knows what sexiness means, since there are no 8, 9 or 10s in tex-*** whenever they see an LA 7 or a New York 10 they just immediately follow her around screaming “prostitute!!!” "****!!!" or *****!!!"
They’re that close minded still in 2013. They are blind and will forever be blind.
They are hideous on the inside therefore that manifests into texans being hideous on the outside, they're literally ALL ugly on the inside and outside. After living there for THREE years I can state that as a well researched and observed fact.

Their lives from birth to death only consist of: eating, working, buying food, going to their ****** state fair, eating, gossiping about other people, being jealous, being fat, being bitter, being miserable, being filled with hate, being jealous, eating more, getting fatter and even more jealous of anyone and everyone who is not a miserable texas rat, working to make money to buy more food, talking **** about everyone around them when their mouths aren't crammed with food, ********, sleeping, eating, staying inside, talking ****, go to church pretend to be Christian and then talk more **** later that day, brainwashing their kids into believing that's a normal fulfilling life, make up untrue rumors about people they are jealous of and spread them around, brainwashing their residents into believing texass is really the greatest state when in reality it's the cancer of america (I have been to/lived in more than half of the states in the U.S. in the last 20 years and trust me texass is the worst, I wish it would just be erased and swallowed up by the neighboring states, maybe then they could become remotely civilized) and then they eat some more, stay ignorant, eat some more, sleep... repeated over and over again. That's all there is to do there.

Avoid tex-*** at all costs if you aren’t from there, ever watch that family guy episode where the griffins move there and then it’s absolutely backwards and chaotic? Well that’s EXACTLY what tex-*** is still like in the 21st century, under the facade they put on that they are a developed state with “big cities” even dallass, austin and houston are still redneck as hell, some parts like fort worth look like a 3rd world country shat it out and the people there look like zombies that have lost the will to exist they look like the walking dead there is no life or vibrant youthfulness to texans they all look miserable all the time and why wouldn't they be? They're stuck in texass, it doesn’t matter if they have internet and cable their minds are forever redneck therefore they ARE forever redneck. Avoid that place at all costs, it not worth the mind rape! Also be happy that they mistakenly think they live in the greatest state in the country (it keeps them from infecting the really good parts of the country, which I’m not going to name just in case some tex-*** rats read this and get inspired to move then they won’t know where I’m talking about :)
Don’t believe that tex-*** rats are ugly on the inside and outside? Imagine a bunch of lab rats that have been bred and raised in a dark cage with no light whatsoever and it's damp, gloomy, and miserable however the cage has told these rats that they live in the greatest cage on earth so they believe it while they rat in the cage, in the dark, in the gloom, in the godforsaken, cursed state of texass, serious public service announcement avoid tex-*** at all costs if you’re not from there!

(What's so funny is they think God has blessed their state, oh yeah? Then why is there so much air pollution in all of your major cities? So many twins being born in certain cities due to chemical runoffs from factories, dirty-dirty faucet water coming out of your taps, in your bathtubs, in your homes! In all of your homes! Air pollution has now, just a week ago, been proven to be a real cause of lung cancer!!! That's right, that is your karma, choke on your own filthy air and die a slow miserable death you texass rats while us BEAUTIFUL, REAL PEOPLE (HUMAN BEINGS) LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD!)
texas rats aren't good enough to be the scum under the feet of civilized human beings. choke on your own air you rats.

Bless your heart, Texas was obviously too much for your small mind to handle

"Their lives from birth to death only consist of: eating, working, buying food, going to their ****** state fair, eating, gossiping about other people, being jealous, being fat, being bitter, being miserable, being filled with hate, being jealous, eating more, getting fatter and even more jealous of anyone and everyone who is not a miserable texas rat, working to make money to buy more food, talking **** about everyone around them when their mouths aren't crammed with food, ********, sleeping, eating, staying inside, talking ****, go to church pretend to be Christian and then talk more **** later that day, brainwashing their kids into believing that's a normal fulfilling life, make up untrue rumors about people they are jealous of and spread them around, brainwashing their residents into believing texass is really the greatest state when in reality it's the cancer of america"


Dutchess go sthu. You named your self Duchess and think your better than anyone else(the same thing you accuse TX of...hmmm) because your a socialist *****.Go live in Europe with your spouse and enjoy the Muslim invasion because socialism is an epic fail. Stupid ignorant fool.

Screw you basing the rest of Texas based on DFW. I have been all over the great state of Texas.And DFW and Houston do suck. But I tell you what I rather live in those places than this **** hole called AZ.I also been to NM and LA. So not like I have not been anywhere else. Leave no one is forcing you to stay....

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I agree with the original poster whole-heartedly. I’m so happy to hear that I am not alone in my disgust for this place. Texas is the absolute worst state in the United States of America and I’ve lived MANY places, Louisiana, Mississippi, Chicago, Wisconsin… But Texas??!! It needs to be oblirated from the nation. This is the most ***-backward place I’ve ever lived. The president who hailed from this place and took us through the ringer is a DIRECT reflection of this place. I came here and felt like I’d left the ******* country. Is this France?? The ****?? I moved here five years ago because my mother fell ill and her stupid *** chose Texas of all places to come. I’m from MN. We have high literacy rates, beautiful landscape, make strong efforts to integrate and embrace diversity and culture, uphold education, community, healthcare and family resources. We’re a progressive culture and it shows in our people and city regardless class. People in Minnesota are like no other and I am PROUD to say I’m from MN. When I moved here it was one nightmare after the next. Poor public transportation, it’s HIDEOUS and dirty here, the summers are gross, the winters UGLY as hell, the people are some of the snobbiest and with NO REASON. The literacy rates, terrible, segregation is alive and well. The women are not all that sweet. Loud, gossipy, catty, ignorant, man-worshipping, hussies. And the way black women are carry themselves and perpetuate stereotypes here is laughable. Wow. If you’re an educated black woman from a northern or midwestern state – DON’T move here. Because you’ll defy HATE you for it. The corporate culture is SUB-PAR. And healthy pride my *** hole after a long ****. If another person tells me “not to mess with Texas” I’m going to look into explosives. **** Texas.

LOL awesome. Agree 100%!

Don't Mess With Texas. -waits for explosives-

I plan on getting out as soon as I can. The heat, humidity, smog, and traffic of Houston are incredible nerve racking, even demoralizing. The dirty, crooked oil business seems to run most everything here. We also have the worse air quality in the US, yes even worse than LA. There are a lot of chemical plants and refineries on the coast which is only 30 miles away, and there has been numerous leaks and a few explosions in the 5 1/2 yrs that I have lives here<br />
<br />
I have improved my credit, bought a house, and I will finish school next year so some good has come out of my strife here. I plan on leaving spring/summer 2012, which cannot come soon enough, but I have financial and educational issues that need to be addressed before I leave. I would love to get back to my small town in KY. Here, unless you are from here or kin to someone who is, your employment opportunities are limited. The good old boy mentality is very much alive here. It is amazing how many people who live here are from elsewhere though. It would be nice to walk into a business of any kind and actually here English for once too

"It is amazing how many people who live here are from elsewhere though." That's because someone has to do the work. Most Texans work as little as possible, rarely a full day. What can you expect from a state that fought 2 governments -- Mexico and the US -- to keep slavery. Not exactly a great foundation for good employer-employee relations. And since they took NASA as a bribe to go along with the Civil Rights Act, they've had to find new victims to exploit.

Unfortunately, once you're here, it's hard to get back out.

Bullshit get a bus ticket or a oneway ticket outta here even a poor person can do it.

I moved from Dallas to east Texas when my children were small in the mid- eighties. It was like moving to another planet! I dont WANT to socialize with 'other cultures' because of their immoral and lazy behavoir. The so-called Christian population is mostly a joke. The churches are social clubs that ppl join in order to get better jobs. The income possibilities are horrible! A bachelor degree MAY get you $15 an hour if you are lucky. My children have grown and gone and I doubt they will ever come back. I wish I could get out.

Yeah, they are "Christians" until they need to do something that violates their so-called faith like have an affair. Then they just do what they gotta do. It's east Texas gomorrah around here...everything sleeping with everything. NASTY.

I'm sure Texas hates you too

Move then, we could use the extra space

Wish I would have read this a few months ago! My kids have to know take a Texas pledge in school. These people are crazy. They think they are better than everyone else. But truthfully they are the most ignorant people I've ever seen. God help me I think I'm going crazy here!

I know - they make you take "Texas History," like that matters at all to ANYONE outside of Texas. Yes, the ignorance is amazing here. No wonder I left here - what was I thinking ever coming back?

Funny you went from Texas To Arizona We did the opposite and I Have to Admit I enjoyed my life a lot more in Arizona. But that was in 2000 I'm sure things have Changed now. My husband is Military so We Move around every 3-4 years. It's always Funny how you Always Enjoy the last place you leave Better. We went from Sierra Vista AZ, To Fort Hood TX, Then from Texas to Colorado Springs and Now We Reside In Wiesbaden Germany.