Texas Hates Truck Drivers

I got 4 speeding tickets in my own vehicle, since i had a cdl, it was considered a commercial vehicle, could not take defensive driving and lost everything.
Albthom Albthom
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1 Response Aug 21, 2012

They wrote my husband 2 speeding tickets in two weeks..we do not live there..thank god..but he travels to and from every two weeks..the first time our Tom Tom had the wrong speed limit listed..the second time he swears he saw a sign that said 55 mph..and was written a ticket for going 53 in a 40..both times were 50 something in a 40..it's not clear what the speed limits are in towns and it's so stupid because where we re from the law is more concerned with over 70 mph and all the people driving around on meth..to top it off, after paying 400 in tickets in one month, postponing our 5 year olds birthday party and doing what we thought was right, we get a phone call saying we didn't pay the ticket for having an incorrect address on my husband license..we recently moved and my husband said all the cop said was "you need to get that changed"..also, in Texas they can list up to 3 charges on one ticket..we seriously had no idea he was even ticketed for that..so she told us if we didn't pay 165 dollars within two days there would be a warrant out for his arrest..before Texas my husband had a perfect driving record..now, he refuses to drive there anymore because he's scared of loosing his license...I hate Texas and will NEVER willingly return

flippin smokey and the bandit police are so bored out in the bee cave area where i am living for the last year...they love to hide behind what's left of a tree after the drought and hand out tickets like candy. it's enough to drive you cray cray. and don't get me started on the GCB's in these neighborhoods....eew!