Big Taxes, Small Lots And Idiots

They say everythings bigger in texas. Well they are right about one thing. TAXES (muddtaxes) and fees. No state income tax but they get you every other way.

I moved here 1 year ago (job). The worst year of my life! Too much traffic and the drivers are idiots!

Nothing redeeming in this state. I have lived all over the US and overseas. This is by far the worst place i ever lived.
Treallysux Treallysux
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2012

Yep it's beyond strange here!!

same position. been here 1's only getting worse. everyone says give it time, but no, it's not growing on me, nor do i want it to. i was born in houston and believe it or not, the texAss thing isn't as bad there as the other cities. dallas and austin seem to be the worst. austin is especially hard to stomach because everyone says, "oh, it is the most like california, you will love it" ugh - no, it's not. listen california is far from perfect but it sure isn't like the atmosphere here in hoity toity austin. and the only thing WEIRD about austin is that it thinks it is so weird. and the main past time of austinites is to sit around and talk about how cool austin is. such a culty fake christian snobby and ultra better than you town. ick. scouring now to update my resume!

I know there's lots of morons driving everywhere, but that is no reason to say Texas is awful. I bet you haven't even been to any other places besides where you lived. I live in Houston, and love it. Sure, living in Colorado or Louisiana would be fun, but I will always love Texas.

One can have just about any environment You want to live in here.I think it takes a while to understand just how big Texas is!