College Mistake

I moved to Texas from Virginia to go to college here this year. Virginia's neither republican or democrat, and because DC is there, people are pretty open minded, but it depends on where you go. Anyway, I have no idea what the hell I was thinking when I decided to move here. I have never in my life met more stuck up, conceited, rude, hateful, judgmental people in all of my life. I'm in the Panhandle, which I've come to know as the bible belt, and I've never been anywhere that I disliked as much as this. There's absolutely no diversity in this place. Everyone is christian, republican, hates people that aren't, hates diversity, and is racist and homophobic as all get out. Everyone raised in Texas thinks it's the ******* best state ever, obviously they haven't gone very far. People here are straight up ******** that hide behind this creepily nice exterior, if that makes any sense. I can't wait to get the **** out of here.
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Before I spend another three years here, I'd rather die, and come back reincarnated as one of Michael Vicks Pitbulls from 2006. J/k lol But I really do hate it here, as soon as I get my degree I'm out! I love Pitbulls btw.

Haha, seriously though, that's exactly how it is!! Thankfully my parents let me transfer out this semester. I totally wouldn't have been able to stay for 3 years, you're way more tolerant and strong than I am!!

I know exactly what you mean Mj, I've been here for unfortunately 3 years and will probably be stuck here for an additional 2-3 years (school). It's like some sort of natural sense of ethnocentric and egotistical-duchebagsim large cultural foundation here. The weather sucks, the people are rude as hell, there's more men than women here and every ethnic group thinks their superior to the other and people here usually stick to their own racial, cultural, and ethnic group here like the 1950's or something smh, they all equally suck! HELP!!!!!!

Work on getting transferred to another school when you get your bearings. You must be near Wichita Falls. They are real fools up there. I'm rooting for you.

I'm working on transferring out already. I have no idea what I'm near, but I'm most definitely surrounded by fools. Thank you for the encouragement :)

It's just the part of Texas your in! All states have little towns just like the one your in! Come visit Houston or Dallas before you decide all of Texas sucks!

I don't really care about the rest of Texas, I just know that I hate where I'm at and I'll never come back after I transfer out.

are you kidding houston is the worst.

you know what's the coolest place ever?


in an isolated island where you can be alone and shout out loud... ocean breeze makes one's feeling better :)

Maybe not the best place for me. I love the city