Glad I'm Outta There!

I moved to Texas in 2004 to be with family. I m from the west coast. I did visit the state a couple of times before I moved. When I was a visitor, people put on their best face and ask if you like the town and the state. Texans spend a great deal of time bragging about how great things are there. I should have payed attention more as a visitor. I went to a Bally's gym and showed my card to the attendant. He immediately said "we don't act that way here." The card said West Los Angeles on the back. I spoke with administrators at school districts and was told that there wouldn't be a problem with getting a teaching job in the district. I packed up, moved there to be with my new husband who has family there, so I thought that I would have some support. Things changed the moment I got off the plane and moved into our house that we had built near Joe Pool Lake. My sister who moved there years prior decided to cut off communication with me (over attending a high school graduation-I couldn't fly out for the graduation, fly back to LA, then move to TX; she didn't want to understand I had only so much money), and the administrators acted like they didn't have any contact with me prior to my moving. I spent money on transcript reviews, finally got a job with a school that may has well have been a plantation. People hated that I didn't move into a trailer park or ghetto neighborhood but a new house in a new subdivision. People were very rude, they can't drive and it is crazy hot. If it were not for wanting to be with my husband, I would have never moved there. Those folks call themselves Christian but they are not Christ-like at all. I could go on, but we moved in April and the house just sold 3 weeks ago. I am back on the west coast and I am happy to be with civilization again.
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I hear ya...yes I used to live in L.A. too, the Valley. I miss living in LA and NY where people are less hateful I live in Az now, had to relocate...ugh
Anytime which is dozen's of times I have had a connecting flight through either Dallas?DFW or Houston, the Texans have been real rude there also.
good you where able to to out!

I hear you!!! I lived out in California too. Thankfully I had to only drive through the place. Pulled into a "Service" station to get gas, mind you, I just had 4 new tires put on the car, the guy came out and walked around the car, I told him I needed a fill up, I got that then he tells me my back tire is flat, funny when I pulled out of the eating place, I checked them out and all were fine, no glass or anything in the connector lap road, so for $89.13 I got a new back tire. Got to New Mexico, still steamed about it, stopped at another station, owner came out and I told him what happened, he said "Yeah, its a big scam there, they check the license plates and car, have sharp object mounted on their shoe and walk past and kick a hole in the tire." This guy filled up the car, had me walk around it with him and told me about any issues and said the car was fine, he checked all the fluids and showed me as well and told me of any road issues up ahead for the next 100 miles. If I had any problems he will come and fix it with in that 100 miles free. A Tale of two States.

me too

Ah,I love the stories of folks leaving.

Thanks SpiceZ and Blessmyheart. Still working out the PTSD from living there for 8 years. I became a person I did not want to be. Working on healing. I'll guess I'll have an In and Out burger and a shopping trip to Trader Joe's to get over it ;)

ugh ptsd is right. I live in the middle of the woods in new hampshire now, and that's still 100 times better than my big city in texas.

Who needs a bunch of christian hypocrites! Rednecks too!
Enjoy LA, I miss it...I used to live there :)

Not all Rednecks are Christian Hypocrites.

I have a couple of smart rednecks here on my friends list....but the majority of them in \'my area\' where I live are!

we have a similiar story. only you had a happy ending..i'm still stuck here.