I Found My People!...no, Not In Texas, But On This Site!

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Texas is like living in a giant gift shop. For some reason they have to remind you that you live in Texas....in case you forget.

God help the boys that don't love football or the girls that don't love dance. I'm not talking about artistic dance, I'm talking about Toddlers and Tiara's type dance for high schoolers. Living here during this past election season has been torture. Here's some advice...don't friend people on Facebook that live near you who are trying to be your new friend and neighbor...trust me - you will only regret most of them. I call it Premature Friendulation....and it's a real problem peeps!

I was born in Houston. I still think Houston is pretty awesome. Being stuck in Austin is another story..I know a lot of us California's came here looking for the big house, low taxes and great schools. Guess what? Great schools aside, the big house and low taxes aren't worth the Stepford Wives you have to live around. That Vonage commercial where the creepy couple comes to the new neighbors door mumbling "but we all bundle"...is so spot on. Oh and bonus, they hate any of us coming from California coming to "screw up" their precious state.

Yikes...bitter me? Yep.
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All of texas sucks its the same everywhere especially Houston it attracts hurricanes and tornadoes.

Oh, thank you so much! I just had a bad Texas day in the Temple-Killeen area, and you made me laugh, especially the part about not wanting to die in Texas. I've been working here a year and don't have much hope of finding a job elsewhere for awhile. If it wasn't able to keep in touch with family and friends back home, I don't know what I'd do. The weirdness is so pervasive, you start wondering if it's just you. Now I know I'm not alone!

There needs to be a movie or a documentary on why texans are crazy people . They always try to make you think your the crazy one. They are envious of outsiders, they copy everyone, they have no common sense, they want to control everything, most of all they are always angry over the dumbest thing just watch and laugh its not you its them they are delusional

oh my..do we have the same neighbors? i just moved here from Ca and so far have experienced some real weird "friends". Do all new people get this big Texas welcome? My neighbor came over to help me with some heavy boxes and ended up slapping me on my rear when he was saying goodbye....a "friendly" nurse aide I met at my sick sister's house came by with her boyfriend and she took off her shirt and danced around my living room as her boyfriend tried to pull off my shoes. I HATE these Texan inbreds! lynnieeG

Are you ok that sounds like sexual harassment. someone should right a book about why texas is a horrible place to live its not just the weather its mostly the angry bipolar people

Checked out your blog. Damn, Girl! I was right there with you and the anxiety thing;only I didn't get the chance to go to therapy 'cause my insurance expired. I freaking broke out in hives working in the Fort Worth ISD. I hope that you will find that happy place to be able to deal with Texas if you choose to stay. I am in your corner..

thanks edenrok . the thought of dying here is enough to make me want to jump in front of a train...only then i'd be dying here anyways.

thanks for your note!

Good story!