This Place Is Horrible!!

I moved to Texas from VA. All I have to say is this place SUCKS!! People are mean and nasty. So far while I have been here I have had a coworker follow me home and tell me to "know my position at work" in my own drive way. Got robbed in the parking lot of Walmart. A grown *** man told me he was gonna "beat my ***" in the middle of kroger cause i was looking at my coupons.Once people find out where I'm from I get harassed about how in a Yankee. People here are rude, arrogant, and so closed minded to the max. I've only been here for a year and already have my plans to go back. Worst decision I have ever made.
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Worst state ever. People are ugly, racist, ignorant, and lie
constantly because they are too lazy to find out what the truth is, and value leaders that bully others around, until they conform to their ignorant ways. I have never seen more commercials for payday loans and obesity stomach surgery in my life. Their service industry is over priced, and underskilled. Paid more for hair, dermatology, and nails then i ever have in Scottsdale AZ or Newport CA, and received so horrible results, i had to fly out to get anything done, and to fix the disasters from here. Dont believe the housing is cheap, purchase price is deceiving, everything is cheaply built, near massive power lines, and the taxes on the home are high. Dont believe the, my ivy league graduate husband with ample job experience took 6 months to get a job that was not some bs call center job paying 12 an hour-which by the way, required undergrad degrees?!?!?! Most oppressive state i have ever lived in, so many rules, laws, fees, tolls, etc. I worked in dfw for 1 year, and got out as soon as possible, this place had no clue what industry best practices were, and are too ignorant and proud to be aware of the concept. They run around like idiots with their "work harder" mentality, never work smarter. If you tell a coworker a way you were able to get something done more efficient, effective AND compliant, you get responses such as "you better be careful, you dont want to get in trouble. " WTF?!?!?! Get in trouble for what? They wont answer you.
Basically, get if you move to Texas, get used to saying the phrase "that is not true". And then a strong desire to.move out of the state. Trust that feeling, and act upon that feeling. i left, a week ago and life is back to normal! It's like leaving and insane ex. No one wants to be with an ugly ignorant controlling liar, so why live in it?

They consider Virginians Yankees? So Robert E Lee was a Yankee? I guess they learn their own version of history. Explains a lot.

dallass is hell on earth, is Satan has a summer house it's in dallas no doubt -no beaches, horrific weather, barely there sunshine (they think that's real sunshine, how pathetic) everyone there is mad all the time and jealous all of the time and they all mistakenly think they live in the greatest place on earth because they’ve been brainwashed by the tex-*** shool system into believing that horse ****, also 90% of the people in that God forsaken state have never left their own state and continue to bash any other place that isn’t tex-*** on every single online forum but they just sound like ignorant little rats compared to the rest of the world which are majestic stallions and dobermans, they also seriously think they have the hottest women in the country (they don’t, I didn’t see a single 10, 9 or even 8 during the THREE years I lived in dallas, I’m originally from LA and also lived in New York, Orange County and Anaheim and those places have gorgeous 10s by the dozens but everyone in dallas and the entire state of tex-*** is a jealous, fat, horribly aging, ticking disaster and even if they aren’t redneck on the outside they are redneck on the inside, they are all two faced and incredibly rude, petty, passive aggressive and pathetic found that out the hard way. They also have absolutely nothing to do over there so they just gossip about other people all day long every single day from the time they’re born all throughout their meaningless lives unless the day they die. Also native tex-*** people age terribly none of them look decent after the age of 25 (must be something in the water), 5 of THE FATTEST cities out of the top 10 fattest cities in the entire US are located in tex-*** because there is literally nothing to do there but eat and stay inside, it’s boiling hot in the summers to the point where plants outside burn to death, in the winter it ******* SNOWS in dallass did you know that? Their horrible death- air in the major tex-*** cities are some of the most polluted in the entire country they're in the top 10 most polluted out of all of the cities in the entire country (look it up on the American lug associations air pollution prevention website "stateoftheair") and the people there are so angry and miserable all of the time that they will go out of their way to try to make everyone else around them miserable, I won’t even take a flight that flies over that God forsaken state, I’ll take two connections and pay extra $1,000 just to avoid that place if I have to, don’t ever go there it is literally hell on earth.
It’s why Lamar odom screwed them over and left that God forsaken state wearing a Lakers Champion shirt haha! He and Khloe couldn’t state that place after living in the golden coast. He stated that people were literally yelling things at him and being unbelievably rude to him from the seats and that has to be some offensive **** because ball players get heckled all the time but in tex-*** they will go out of their way to make anyone successful, rich, beautiful, or happy miserable because their minds are really ****** up and they don’t know any better. They really are petty enough that if you dress LA in the streets of dallass they are so ignorant that they will accuse you of being a prostitue because no one in dallass knows what sexiness means, since there are no 8, 9 or 10s in tex-*** whenever they see an LA 7 or a New York 10 they just immediately follow her around screaming “prostitute!!!” "****!!!" or *****!!!"
They’re that close minded still in 2013. They are blind and will forever be blind.
They are hideous on the inside therefore that manifests into texans being hideous on the outside, they're literally ALL ugly on the inside and outside. After living there for THREE years I can state that as a well researched and observed fact.

Their lives from birth to death only consist of: eating, working, buying food, going to their ****** state fair, eating, gossiping about other people, being jealous, being fat, being bitter, being miserable, being filled with hate, being jealous, eating more, getting fatter and even more jealous of anyone and everyone who is not a miserable texas rat, working to make money to buy more food, talking **** about everyone around them when their mouths aren't crammed with food, ********, sleeping, eating, staying inside, talking ****, go to church pretend to be Christian and then talk more **** later that day, brainwashing their kids into believing that's a normal fulfilling life, make up untrue rumors about people they are jealous of and spread them around, brainwashing their residents into believing texass is really the greatest state when in reality it's the cancer of america (I have been to/lived in more than half of the states in the U.S. in the last 20 years and trust me texass is the worst, I wish it would just be erased and swallowed up by the neighboring states, maybe then they could become remotely civilized) and then they eat some more, stay ignorant, eat some more, sleep... repeated over and over again. That's all there is to do there.

Avoid tex-*** at all costs if you aren’t from there, ever watch that family guy episode where the griffins move there and then it’s absolutely backwards and chaotic? Well that’s EXACTLY what tex-*** is still like in the 21st century, under the facade they put on that they are a developed state with “big cities” even dallass, austin and houston are still redneck as hell, some parts like fort worth look like a 3rd world country shat it out and the people there look like zombies that have lost the will to exist they look like the walking dead there is no life or vibrant youthfulness to texans they all look miserable all the time and why wouldn't they be? They're stuck in texass, it doesn’t matter if they have internet and cable their minds are forever redneck therefore they ARE forever redneck. Avoid that place at all costs, it not worth the mind rape! Also be happy that they mistakenly think they live in the greatest state in the country (it keeps them from infecting the really good parts of the country, which I’m not going to name just in case some tex-*** rats read this and get inspired to move then they won’t know where I’m talking about :)
Don’t believe that tex-*** rats are ugly on the inside and outside? Imagine a bunch of lab rats that have been bred and raised in a dark cage with no light whatsoever and it's damp, gloomy, and miserable however the cage has told these rats that they live in the greatest cage on earth so they believe it while they rat in the cage, in the dark, in the gloom, in the godforsaken, cursed state of texass, serious public service announcement avoid tex-*** at all costs if you’re not from there!

(What's so funny is they think God has blessed their state, oh yeah? Then why is there so much air pollution in all of your major cities? So many twins being born in certain cities due to chemical runoffs from factories, dirty-dirty faucet water coming out of your taps, in your bathtubs, in your homes! In all of your homes! Air pollution has now, just a week ago, been proven to be a real cause of lung cancer!!! That's right, that is your karma, choke on your own filthy air and die a slow miserable death you texass rats while us BEAUTIFUL, REAL PEOPLE (HUMAN BEINGS) LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD!)
texas rats aren't good enough to be the scum under the feet of civilized human beings. choke on your own air you rats.

The hatred here is palpable you are spot on... Sick of it

Texas is not for little babies. You should go.

You are as ignorant as the state of Texas. Do you realize what the rest of the country thinks of your useless state? Seriously, "y'all" and "fixin to" says it all.

I agree with you...and all these backwoods cretans know how to say is "DUH...well you can leave then." It is ugly, filled with stupid people, covered with plastic bags, high crime rates, the worst drivers on the planet; owned and run by the most corrupt group (oil companies) and the populous not smart enough to get they just pull out "them thar guns." This nasty place (West TX) is burning up anyway. Cannot wait to get the hell out of here!

Truth be told My Dear,Texans did a lot to help those who were hit by Katrina,and the thanks We got was a higher crime rate.
Hey,I think I hear Your Mommy calling,now run along home....

Did you attend school? If you did, you need to go back by the way you write. Typical inbred from the useless state of Texass.

Did you personally go to louisiana to help? And my dear texas does not hold the corner market on helping katrina victims.

This is an I HATE TEXAS website.

I mean, I met a lot of Katrina victims. And just about all of the ones ,I met talked about how they know someone; who was robbed by a Texan during the flood. I know there are no perfect people but texas really has proven that.

I think its an whiners website.

Wow, what an *******.

Do you mean Tex*******?

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boo hoo!

God Bless you for getting out asap. I lived there 8 long years. I'm rooting for ya.