Naked Truth About Texas/hands Down

Texas blows me away with it's white steepled churches mixed with deep southern hate for anyone or anything that doesn't fit the Texas perception of life. Unbeleivable belief systems soaked in beer and whiskey with perverted little secrets.
I have encountered a butt slapping neigbor. had to call the police and make a report so he would stop bothering me.... a woman I befriended brought her drunk boyfriend to meet me and they started kissing and she took her shirt off and danced around my living room. He tried to take off my sock so he coud look at my foot and she flipped smooth out and they got in a big fight and thankfully left my home.....what the ####???....ok and I come from CA and have been a bartender for years in Ca and I thought I had seen a lot of kinky people...but TEXAS wins ....hands down.....ohh and maybe hands down would be a good motto for this state.....
lynnieeG lynnieeG
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Were Kinky? Lol! You haven't even put Your gender on Your profile. Little bit of both maybe?