I Really Dislike Tx and the People Here

I moved here 3 years ago from NYC and I must say that it took me 2 years to get adjusted to this culture.  I had to get used to needing a car for absolutely anything.  I had to get used to not being able to find a good place to eat past 10pm.  I had to get used to not having a fresh bagel every morning.  I had to get used to everything being all about the Cowboys or the Mavericks (okay not the hardest thing in the world but still...there are other teams, even in TX).

I thought I had acclimated but then it struck me...I know what I really dislike about Texas.  It's the Texans.  Case in point, where I came from, if you have a beef with someone you speak to them directly about it and resolve it.  Not here...oh no, they'll be all meek about it to your face and then call your supervisor on you the next day telling about how rude you were to them.

Sorry kiddos...I'm not rude.  I'm direct.  There's a difference.  If I tell you something that you don't like I am not being rude.  I am following procedures and guidelines that my company has set and I cannot go against them just to make you happy.

If I tell you that you're income isn't high enough that is not rude...it is direct.  Would you rather I spend 10 minutes talking about the weather and beating around the bush and indirectly saying the same thing to you.  Frankly I have too much work to do to spend time bullshitting.

Sorry, I know this is turning into a rant about my job and my residents and/or potential residents and I don't want to get off track.

So in the end...Texans would prefer to be babied and coddled instead of just dealing with the facts.  I don't play that.  That's not my way and I don't think it will be.

Anyway, I don't see myself in the middle of hell much longer.  I'm already looking at getting back to the East Coast and civilisation.

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Hate it here!! so backwards they are so uptight, self righteous...what was I thinking? Bubble belt? No more like sheep in SUVs wearing the same jeans buying the same house...followers. Who gossip as a form if entertainment. Sports, dr pepper and church and seriously bad meat either served as a burger or taco... That about sums up the depth here

Bible Belt lol but bubble works too

You are so blessed .Texans aren't progressive they are basically angry all the time. They have no problem telling you off, but if you say something back they get so offended. They can't handle the truth. they need to go back to preschool .

Since I was not born in Texas I feel totally justified in saying this: If you don't like it, **** off back to Yankee land. If you (and I'm talking to pretty much everyone here) decide to move to Texas for whatever reason and don't like it - **** off back to where you came from. Oh, and now you're living in Dallas, support the local team, don't turn up at a Stars game in your Redwings jersey - if you're such a fan, **** off to Detroit. If you come to Cowboys games in your Steelers jersey...**** back off to, well wherever the hell they come from, otherwise shut the **** up.

I\'m convinced you have never seen a girl whos a 10 in real life, aka Antonia Iacobescu, you have probably never been to a tropical island filled with tropical birds and beautiful turquoise waters, you have never seen the sunshine in California or Hawaii or felt the fresh clean sand of the beaches there, you have never seen the Statue of Liberty in person, you have never seen the Empire State Building in person, you have never lived in a big City where all of the girls are 8s 9s and 10s and everyone is kind and nice and guess what, you never will, and I am so happy that even after reading this comment you will still be too stupid to realize that you live in a hell hole and will foolishly believe that the places I listed and experiences I named are somehow \"not real\" and that only texass exists and that \"everything is bigger in texass\" lol yes the people are bigger you guys have the 5 fattest cities in the entire country out of the top 10 and you have the biggest cancers in your state thats all texass is the big tumor of America PLEASE SECEDE ALREADY!!! youre Ruining America you rats!

I don\'t even like the Miami Heat but I jumped straight up in the air for joy for hours when I found out they ruined your san antonio spurs :D IM STILL LAUGHING ABOUT IT STILL CELEBRATING!!!

I can't speak for the state of Texas, but for the area here (Dallas) ******* sucks! The ethnocentric and egotistical nonsense here is phenomenally annoying, every racial, ethnic, and cultural group out here predominantly sticks to their own and feels their superior to another, well they all equally suck! The weather is extreme and erratic, there's more men than women here, and the only available women here either have multiple children, are pigs, or Dallas diva's smh that aren't worth a Cambodian foodstamp ripped in half. On top of that, the most undesirable women still have a sense of egotistical entitlement too, I cant wait to get the hell out of here as soon as I finish my degree, until then HELP!!!!!!...

I agree. When my house was up for sale, someone who viewed my house loved it, but would not close the deal because his big, supersized big Texas made truck would not filt in the 3 car garage.

IMO, Texas = Sprawl. It's either urban sprawl, defined as 'the uncontrolled expansion of urban areas' or rural sprawl, defined as 'commercial ***** development along arterial highways leading into or out of population centers'. Everything I've seen is one of the two, or someplace reminiscent of the set of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. I have to get on the highway to get to the grocery store. High school buses must get on the highway to take kids to school. There's a six-la<x>yer highway interchange down the street from me. Every highway is paralleled by at least a 'feeder road' in each direction (which are by themselves highways) and often by a 3-to-5 lane express toll road as well. The entire highway infrastructure around Austin is a shameful and inefficient waste of earth. There is very little community feel, even in neighborhoods considered communities, because there's *no town*. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you don’t know what you're missing, so I guess you’re better off. Now add to this sprawl the Texan's infatuation with trophy trucks. Texans, you *do not need* a 350 Cummins Turbo Diesel engine to get from your home to your office. In fact, my 4-cylinder 110 HP coupe has done just that for the past 10 years, and it fits in my garage!...and it doesn't cost $100 to fill the tank every two weeks!...and it's not a weapon of mass destruction!...not only because my car's Mass times Acceleration on impact is many times lower than yours, but also because I'm generally not an ID-ten-tea on the road like every native-born Texan seems to be. Stop. Please. It's a waste of money, non-renewable resources, ozone, baby seals, etc. Yes, your 115 pound wife or daughter might be safer on the road inside a four ton chromed-out power-dozer, but I argue she'd be safer still on a moped because she'd have to pay attention instead of posting cell phone updates to Facebook while driving. The overwhelming majority of you diesel d*** heads don't own a farm, boat, trailer, or any other item requiring a truck. I hate to be cliche, but are you compensating for some inadequacy?

Love it! And so true!

Southern Texas is a festering wound, its where dreams come to die in mediocrity and obesity, GO FATTEST CITY IN AMERICA

Actually Mississippi is the Fattiest State in America!!

Well, I guess everyone has their own opinions...but I don't understand how someone can say they hate Texas and the people living in it...have you been to all of Texas, have you met everyone from Texas? I doubt it....there's different people, everywhere. I'm from south Texas and I love it here...there's no place like home. This is where I've been raised, and for damn sure it's gonna be the place where I'm going to die and be buried in.

Thank You! im From Southeast Texas and I think we have some damn good people here and I say we have the best hospitality out of all. But, Texas is just a place, Its the people that make it what it is. Yes we get Judged as being ignorant, called HillBillies, white trash and so forth. We are all different and for a reason. Its all the negative Nancy\"s on here that wouldn\'t be happy or have anything nice to say if the entire world was cloned as them. It must be miserable to be so judgemental and spend all your time bashing other people to not be able to look at your own self and see how many faults and flaws that you have. Some people are gonna complain no matter what. Usually its the ones who have a low self esteem that say ugly remarks and so forth in order to make themselves feel better. SAD! SAD!SAD!

I hate texas

Texas is evil.

I am not sure if you are still around EP or not, but I too have a lot of thee same feelings. I am sick of thee heat, smog, traffic, lack of culture, etc. I moved to Houston due to a promise of a better life, but we, me most of all are miserable here. I am not a city person and Houston is definitely not for me. No place in TX is

Yeah, sick of the smog, and the traffic - move to LA or NY and see if that's much better. Wah wah wah. Go **** off to some little piddly backwards midwestern town then and good luck.

Even the city\'s in texas aren\'t really a city. Texans are southerners , not like ny,or la . They will always be slow. They need to get over it .

Texans that live in the city try to act like New York and Los Angeles. But they are far to angry to compete.

Typical ignorant, redneck know nothing texass response you guys can\'t even come up with a good argument all you rats can say is something along the lines of \"if you don\'t like it get out\" and the really ignorant ones will mix profanity in there, I\'m from Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA and made the mistake of moving to and living in dallass for 3 years and this was only a couple of years ago and it was the WORST THREE YEARS EVER! I feel like I got a glimpse of hell on earth, the people are so ugly inside and outside they have nothing better to do so they just talk about other people and eat ALL DAY long and then die, LA and Southern California is HEAVEN ON EARTH compared to the GOS FORSAKEN trash rat filled dump of texass, God forbid someone really good looking from a big city moves to that shithole ALL texass gutter rats are insecure and will so what ever it takes to try to take that person down, I have traveled the entire United States of America since age 7 and been to most countries that people want to visit unlike those god forsaken cursed texans, there\'s a reason they have such horrible crimes there, the weather is hell on earth, the people all have horrible skin because their water supply is so disgustingly tainted by chemic run offs and anyone over the age of 30 who\'s a native texass rat or has lived there for more than 5 years looks like a raisin a dog crapped out, I didn\'t see one single girl who was a 10 in the THREE years I lived in dallass in Southern California we have GORGEOUS WOMEN BY THE DOZEN, beautiful beaches everywhere, celebrities love SoCal, we actually know about the world and about LIVING not just EXISTING, in SoCal we have museums and actual big cities with big city mentalities and better education, cleaner water, cleaner air, cleaner skies, brighter sun, wonderful sparking beaches with ocean breezes and palm trees and girls in short shorts and bikini tops roaming the boardwalks in texass you guys have NOTHING BUT BAD THINGS, every time something bad happens in texass like a tornado or hail I watch it on the news in my home my the BEACH overlooking the Pacific Ocean and laugh my *** off for hours, I won\'t even take a plane that flies over that god forsaken rat hole, I will take 2 connections to avoid that place at all costs, the problem with texass rats is that they are constantly brainwashed into thinking they are so great when in reality everyone who matters in the world laughs at them and knows that they\'re all a bunch of hicks even if they don\'t look like it in their core they\'re all rednecks and white trash they really are, and it\'s not just the whites that are white trash they all are, they\'re living in a sewer and they\'re brainwashed by their state officials into thinking they live in Paradise when in reality Paradise is Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Key west, the Bahamas, BUT the positive thing about those brainwashed rats is that since they mistakenly think they live in the best place in the world it will prevent them from moving out and infecting the big cities of the U.S. like LA and New York. :)

I 100% whole heartedly agree and I have lived in all of the big cites of the U.S. including LA and New York and made the enormous mistake of living in dallass for 3 years I would have left after 6 months but work and other things prevented me from escaping that hell hole and I bet the only rebuttal I\'m going to get on my comments are about my spelling mistakes well its called typing on an iphone you texass rats!!! I wouldn\'t live in texass ever again even if someone paid me a billion US dollars a year I would rather be homeless on the streets of LA than be a trillionaire in that god forsaken state, never again!!! Never again!!! I can\'t even begin to list all of the things wrong with that sewer, I would write a book thicker than the bible on everything wrong with that hell hole in earth ugh!!!! I won\'t even say the name texass out loud for fear it\'s a cursed word I always say \"that dark hole state\" if that place ever comes up in conversation in real life. Horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible place it is literally the worst place in earth I don\'t envy ANYONE who lives in that hell hole no matter who they are, I pity all of them. When the MIAMI HEAT BET THE san antonio spurs I threw a HUGE MALIBU PARTY!!!! I don\'t even like the miami heat but anything that puts those rats in their place is heaven to my ears. I\'m waiting for some Katrina type of natural disaster to happen to that miserable, dark, festering, terrible, demonic, santanic hell hole, that whole texass state is cursed and every single native and every single resident who believes into he texass pride bullshit is cursed by God I truly believe satan has blessed texass as his vacation state it\'s the only explanation that would explain how a place on this earth could be so TERRIBLE!

Once again 10000000000000000% Agee but it fills my heart with joy that their ignorance keeps them in texass, prevents them from seeing the world, and keeps their lives mediocre and miserable and they will never get to see the beautiful beaches of California, the gorgeous models and buildings in New York, the amazing sunsets in Maui, the crystal clear waters in the Bahamas and bora bora, the tropical paradise of Aruba I am so happy everyday to hear texass rats continuing to believe their own lives that they live in the best place on earth, yes please please please keep believing that, and leave the civilized parts of the country to us civilized big city beautiful people with truly beautiful lives. ;)

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