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I lived in Texas for 3 yrs, I moved from beautiful sunny California to that piece of dry crap, I was deceived by the real state market that promisses big houses, but to my surprise those houses dont mean a thing when you find yourself surrounded by those neardenthals ignorant rednecks, the place is full of ignorance, inneficiency, corruption , missery, descrimination and arrogance, please if you have finish high school and know how to read and write dont go there, live it for the rednecks and the rest of the southern crap.

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dallass is hell on earth, is Satan has a summer house it's in dallas no doubt -no beaches, horrific weather, barely there sunshine (they think that's real sunshine, how pathetic) everyone there is mad all the time and jealous all of the time and they all mistakenly think they live in the greatest place on earth because they’ve been brainwashed by the tex-*** shool system into believing that horse ****, also 90% of the people in that God forsaken state have never left their own state and continue to bash any other place that isn’t tex-*** on every single online forum but they just sound like ignorant little rats compared to the rest of the world which are majestic stallions and dobermans, they also seriously think they have the hottest women in the country (they don’t, I didn’t see a single 10, 9 or even 8 during the THREE years I lived in dallas, I’m originally from LA and also lived in New York, Orange County and Anaheim and those places have gorgeous 10s by the dozens but everyone in dallas and the entire state of tex-*** is a jealous, fat, horribly aging, ticking disaster and even if they aren’t redneck on the outside they are redneck on the inside, they are all two faced and incredibly rude, petty, passive aggressive and pathetic found that out the hard way. They also have absolutely nothing to do over there so they just gossip about other people all day long every single day from the time they’re born all throughout their meaningless lives unless the day they die. Also native tex-*** people age terribly none of them look decent after the age of 25 (must be something in the water), 5 of THE FATTEST cities out of the top 10 fattest cities in the entire US are located in tex-*** because there is literally nothing to do there but eat and stay inside, it’s boiling hot in the summers to the point where plants outside burn to death, in the winter it ******* SNOWS in dallass did you know that? Their horrible death- air in the major tex-*** cities are some of the most polluted in the entire country they're in the top 10 most polluted out of all of the cities in the entire country (look it up on the American lug associations air pollution prevention website "stateoftheair") and the people there are so angry and miserable all of the time that they will go out of their way to try to make everyone else around them miserable, I won’t even take a flight that flies over that God forsaken state, I’ll take two connections and pay extra $1,000 just to avoid that place if I have to, don’t ever go there it is literally hell on earth.
It’s why Lamar odom screwed them over and left that God forsaken state wearing a Lakers Champion shirt haha! He and Khloe couldn’t state that place after living in the golden coast. He stated that people were literally yelling things at him and being unbelievably rude to him from the seats and that has to be some offensive **** because ball players get heckled all the time but in tex-*** they will go out of their way to make anyone successful, rich, beautiful, or happy miserable because their minds are really ****** up and they don’t know any better. They really are petty enough that if you dress LA in the streets of dallass they are so ignorant that they will accuse you of being a prostitue because no one in dallass knows what sexiness means, since there are no 8, 9 or 10s in tex-*** whenever they see an LA 7 or a New York 10 they just immediately follow her around screaming “prostitute!!!” "****!!!" or *****!!!"
They’re that close minded still in 2013. They are blind and will forever be blind.
They are hideous on the inside therefore that manifests into texans being hideous on the outside, they're literally ALL ugly on the inside and outside. After living there for THREE years I can state that as a well researched and observed fact.

Their lives from birth to death only consist of: eating, working, buying food, going to their ****** state fair, eating, gossiping about other people, being jealous, being fat, being bitter, being miserable, being filled with hate, being jealous, eating more, getting fatter and even more jealous of anyone and everyone who is not a miserable texas rat, working to make money to buy more food, talking **** about everyone around them when their mouths aren't crammed with food, ********, sleeping, eating, staying inside, talking ****, go to church pretend to be Christian and then talk more **** later that day, brainwashing their kids into believing that's a normal fulfilling life, make up untrue rumors about people they are jealous of and spread them around, brainwashing their residents into believing texass is really the greatest state when in reality it's the cancer of america (I have been to/lived in more than half of the states in the U.S. in the last 20 years and trust me texass is the worst, I wish it would just be erased and swallowed up by the neighboring states, maybe then they could become remotely civilized) and then they eat some more, stay ignorant, eat some more, sleep... repeated over and over again. That's all there is to do there.

Avoid tex-*** at all costs if you aren’t from there, ever watch that family guy episode where the griffins move there and then it’s absolutely backwards and chaotic? Well that’s EXACTLY what tex-*** is still like in the 21st century, under the facade they put on that they are a developed state with “big cities” even dallass, austin and houston are still redneck as hell, some parts like fort worth look like a 3rd world country shat it out and the people there look like zombies that have lost the will to exist they look like the walking dead there is no life or vibrant youthfulness to texans they all look miserable all the time and why wouldn't they be? They're stuck in texass, it doesn’t matter if they have internet and cable their minds are forever redneck therefore they ARE forever redneck. Avoid that place at all costs, it not worth the mind rape! Also be happy that they mistakenly think they live in the greatest state in the country (it keeps them from infecting the really good parts of the country, which I’m not going to name just in case some tex-*** rats read this and get inspired to move then they won’t know where I’m talking about :)
Don’t believe that tex-*** rats are ugly on the inside and outside? Imagine a bunch of lab rats that have been bred and raised in a dark cage with no light whatsoever and it's damp, gloomy, and miserable however the cage has told these rats that they live in the greatest cage on earth so they believe it while they rat in the cage, in the dark, in the gloom, in the godforsaken, cursed state of texass, serious public service announcement avoid tex-*** at all costs if you’re not from there!

(What's so funny is they think God has blessed their state, oh yeah? Then why is there so much air pollution in all of your major cities? So many twins being born in certain cities due to chemical runoffs from factories, dirty-dirty faucet water coming out of your taps, in your bathtubs, in your homes! In all of your homes! Air pollution has now, just a week ago, been proven to be a real cause of lung cancer!!! That's right, that is your karma, choke on your own filthy air and die a slow miserable death you texass rats while us BEAUTIFUL, REAL PEOPLE (HUMAN BEINGS) LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD!)
texas rats aren't good enough to be the scum under the feet of civilized human beings. choke on your own air you rats.

I agree . Texas is a nice place to visit and that's it. I only say that because I have family there. Amarillo yuk Austin ok Dallas yuk El Paso yuk Waco yuk Houston yuk San Antonio ok

Since you can't put together a comprehensive sentence, maybe Texas is the place for YOU!

Damn, I didn't anyone out there could despise this place more than me!! I moved here against my better judgment and can't wait to finish my degree next year and leave this state and thee oil business, but damn!!!<br />
<br />
Thanks for the fact finding here. I may send the link to this post to some friends of mine.

ha ha ha..bang on the buck

50 Reasons Why Texas Sucks<br />
<br />
1. Texans. Socially retarded acts of bravado. Lack of self awareness.<br />
Isolationistic in thought. Kind of like someone who was raised under a<br />
rock, but the rock was big, so they boast about how big the rock was.<br />
There's more, but, man, it's so sad - and they don't even know it!<br />
2. Texas politics. I am a conservative who votes republican. Texans are <br />
rednecks who vote republican. should I buy an "I'm with stupid" T-shirt?<br />
3. Tx is a Mexican border state. Complete with roads traveled by drug<br />
cartels feeding the increasing violent crime rate, drug use, and ever<br />
expanding prison population in Tx. That isn't nice and I don't have<br />
this problem in my state.<br />
4. Is EVERYONE in Tx chewing tobacco??<br />
5. Leading state for hate groups. There are more known hate<br />
groups in tx then any other state. They all hate different groups for<br />
different reasons. When you get right down to it, no one is safe in tx<br />
- not even texans. Testament to tx long tradition of nice, down to<br />
earth, clan members and level-headed cult fanatics.<br />
6. There are Two seasons in Tx, hot and hotter. There is a third if<br />
you count the hurricane season. A fourth if you count squirrel <br />
season.<br />
7. Texas' branding of Tex-mex. Uh, we all know it's just Mexican. <br />
Maybe Kansas should capitalize on Cantonese food and call it <br />
Kan-Can. It's catchier, and doesn't sound like a gas station when <br />
you say it. <br />
8. Over industrialization of undesirable industries. Yes, when you<br />
visit tx, you get the full impact of what a cesspool they've made out<br />
of their state with factories, oil refineries, and chemical plants.<br />
Don't get me wrong, it is good somebody is manufacturing this stuff<br />
out there, but, man, you've got to be six flags short of a theme park<br />
to live amongst the stench-filled, chemical run-off, heat-fest that is<br />
tx.<br />
9. Texas as a state ranks in the top 5 of all states for all major<br />
pollutants. Go figure. The EPA says you can't breathe the air for fear<br />
of carcinogens, can't drink the water for fear of toxins, can't eat<br />
the seafood for fear of mercury poisoning, and the Taiwanese plants<br />
spill high levels of run-off into the neighborhoods. That isn't good<br />
either!<br />
10. "Clampet" stereotypes which aren't all together untrue. I've never<br />
seen any other collective bunch unwittingly living up to negative<br />
stereotypes. Perhaps some t-shirts can be air dropped to them. You<br />
know, t-shirts that say something like, "thank god i struck oil, cuz<br />
my double-wide needs a fixin"<br />
11. Texan's general confusion between pride and reason. there is a<br />
healthy pride, and then there is a texan pride. actually, a texan is<br />
proud of his state like a branch davidian is proud of his cool-aid.<br />
12. "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS". Why would I need to mess with <br />
Texas when it's already messed up? What's wrong with the old standby:<br />
Yeeeeeeehaw!!!!..and other inane slogans that demonstrate<br />
an inability to articulate one's self.<br />
13. Corrupt institutions of business. Enron was a great. But, no one<br />
can beat the oil companies for blood money, environmental destruction,<br />
greed, and corruption. a texan would tell you that corruption only<br />
exists in zip codes outside their magical state. is this true?<br />
14. Cults and fundamentalists. Kind of self explanatory. Apparently,<br />
tx is the perfect place for those who like to organize and be <br />
merry while preying on kids. Gotta love tx.<br />
15. Backwards thinking. State first? Country second, or is there<br />
something between state and country like, i don't know, socks or<br />
peanut butter? You gotta love state first mentality. If the country is<br />
attacked, would tx try to side with mexico just to save their own state? <br />
Kind of like, if the house was burning, you'd only save your favorite bathroom.<br />
Lots of reasoning there. wait a minute! i'm going to start a new one. it's<br />
called home owners association first! Hey tx, do you shoot people in<br />
the back too? Buncha anti-american secessionist quitters! just kidding, <br />
only 20% of you are the American Taliban.<br />
16. Worst humidity and dew point. Yes it is true. Houston/bay area is<br />
tied with annual averages for the worst humidity and dew point in the<br />
united states per NOAA. In a nutshell, it's like a sauna. a constant<br />
sauna for 7 months out of the year. so is hell.<br />
17. Hurricanes. you got it. more of my tax dollars go to natural<br />
disasters like hurricanes in tx. nothing like every hurricane season<br />
fearing the wrath of god upon your family and home.<br />
18. Tornadoes. this must have to do with the fact that tx leads the<br />
nation in the amount of trailor homes as a percentage of all homes.<br />
the good thing is, tx is flat and has nothing around for 100's of<br />
miles. so, not many people should get hurt except those who ask for<br />
it. you know, texans.<br />
19. Trailer trash. "T" stands for trailor trash, tornadoes, truck<br />
stops, terrible, tacky, terrorist, taliban, travesty, and one<br />
more...uh...dang, i forgot.<br />
20. Prison over population. tx just can't kill 'em fast enough.<br />
21. Gun rights. Hey look, texans need their guns because the state is<br />
unwilling foot the bill for adequate policing and safety like other<br />
states. state first! citizen last!<br />
22. Highest unwanted teen pregnancies. According to a Houston paper,<br />
they like to do more than play with barbies down in tx. Apparently<br />
they like to get pregnant and be a mom at age 12 too.<br />
23. Poorly educated. STILL poorly educated compared to other states.<br />
when are the oil guys going to pay for schools.<br />
24. Lack of affluence. This is something oil money cannot buy. you can<br />
be rich, but you can't find Oklahoma on a map.<br />
25. Cities annex neighboring towns just to boast on size. truly texas.<br />
guess what, everyone can see thru this. when your metro area is a 10th<br />
the size of other metro areas, you kind of get the idea your just<br />
being typical tx.<br />
26. Highest accident rate of any state. Listen, you have to drive 2<br />
hours to get to what places the rest of us can get to in 30 minutes. I<br />
would drive fast and not care about my life too if I lived in texas.<br />
of course, the accident rate also includes factory explosions, etc.<br />
27. Texas consumes more energy than what is produced by the state in<br />
terms of gross product per the dept of energy. texas is an energy<br />
empire. unfortunately, their bragging is unsubstantiated when they<br />
claim the power the world.<br />
28. highest in-sourcer (more people working for foreign firms -<br />
helping make $ in foreign investments). guess what, more citizens in<br />
tx by percentage aren't contributing a dime to u.s. investment.<br />
29. High cancer rate. of course. you don't roil your state with<br />
anything goes industry without paying for it do you?<br />
30. High obesity rate - must be the dependence on mexican food, bbq.<br />
That's Mexian food, you know, it's what makes tx so exotic.<br />
31. Rated one of the 'least livable' of all states in 2008. It's just<br />
an article. but it was nice.<br />
32. Floods. It is wonderful how tx is famous for its natural<br />
disasters. Stevie Ray Vaughn sang about it. He's a texan, i like<br />
Stevie ray Vaughn, and if i lived in texas I'd sing the blues too.<br />
he's just telling it like it is.<br />
33. Lack of water to most of the state, high cost of water. Are you<br />
kidding? you can't drink oil?<br />
34. Toxic levels of mercury in fishing off texas shore. Already<br />
covered. I like eating thermometers. maybe i should move to tx.<br />
35. No mountains. Tx is beautiful with flat dusty fields of dry dirt<br />
for 100's of miles until you get to some hills with nice folks with<br />
guns. tx. great place to drive thru on your way to somewhere else.<br />
36. Beaches are contaminated. Galveston is called a resort town.<br />
compared to my state, galveston is a cesspool with an oil platform<br />
right on the beach while you swim among signs that warn you about<br />
hepatitis.<br />
37. 4 out of the 10 fattest cities in America just happen to reside in <br />
Texas. Now, we all know that Texas toast is so dang tasty, but slather<br />
on some bbq sauce and top it off with a block of lard and you got you <br />
there an o'fficial Tx-sized snack for the kids! <br />
38. Pronounced pride and prejudice. back on the pride kick. can't have<br />
pride without prejudiced. oh wait, i can.<br />
39. Nice people - to your face. The rest is some kind of judgment call<br />
made on their own arcane beliefs.<br />
40. American history, or lack there of. First Tx wanted nothing more than<br />
to be annexed by the U.S., once it was ratified in, then it wanted out, <br />
then it barely contributed to the confederate forces in the civil war!<br />
Is Tx acting like a bipolar adolescent who just found out he was adopted, <br />
or just too hopped up on peyote?<br />
41. Nasty critters. Fire ants, Africanized bees, scorpions, etc. <br />
42. Texas flag. Ok, now, what flag does the Tx flag look like if you <br />
stare at it a long time (.01 seconds)? Give you a hint: It was designed <br />
nearly 70 years before U.S. citizens declared Tx sovereign! Where is<br />
the originality? Did Texans burn up all their creativity when they coined <br />
"Tex-Mex"?<br />
43. The rankings among the states: Percentage of Uninsured <br />
Children-50th, Percentage of Population<br />
without Health Insurance-50th, Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) <br />
Scores-47th, Percentage of Population over 25 with a High School <br />
diploma-50th, Percentage of Non-Elderly Women with Health<br />
Insurance-50th, Rate of Women Aged 40+ Who Receive <br />
Mammograms-44th, Rate of Women Aged 18+ Who Receive Pap <br />
Smears-47th, Cervical Cancer Rate-5th in the nation, Women's Voter <br />
Registration-43rd, Women's Voter Turnout-49th, Percentage of Eligible <br />
Voters that Vote-44th. Texas, please change your name to New Iran.<br />
44. Lost perspective of their country. I guess if your trapped in an<br />
abyss, you lose all hope that there is more out there.<br />
45. Texas tea smells like wafting B.O., a sulfur pit, and a manure<br />
farm. oh wait, tx oil towns are right next to sulfer pits which are<br />
right next to ranches. that leave's B.O., which is the illegal<br />
immigrant day laborer who has to work illegally at all these places in<br />
order to make ends meet.<br />
46. BIG Hair. This is what they mean when they say everything is bigger in <br />
Tx.<br />
47. dallas cowboys. greatest NFL expansion team to ever bandwagon on (if <br />
your in to that kind of thing)..even though they haven't been to a superbowl<br />
in 15 years.<br />
48. Propaganda. Texans love to embellish the truth and distort the facts in <br />
attempts to sell their state to us. must be easier for them than having to do<br />
any of that pesky research or providing boring factual substantiation. Once <br />
they realize we know better, they tend to get louder and more aggressive -<br />
kind of like a silverback gorilla when threatened by poachers.<br />
49. Income Inequality Between the Rich and the Poor- Sate ranking: 49th. <br />
Hmmm, 13 billionaires and 15 million low income earners. We've come a <br />
long way as Americans...except for tx who is just now building pyramids <br />
for their oil pharaohs.<br />
50. Sports are competitive. That's why academics aren't. Luckily they're<br />
close to country where they can get cheap anabolic steroids and other<br />
enhancement drugs you cant buy in the u.s.