I Don't Care With Your Phone Bills.

I hate text messaging! I hate pressing a 'button' over and over again to have the letter I need. God, it's so hard especially when your phone is touch-screen. Like whatever I do I can't get the letter and it takes a lot of my time. Ugh! I am lazy and impatient. 

I also hate to be texted when it is an important matter or an emergency. Wtf, it's a matter of your life and death so call me! I wouldn't want to argue with you via text message..I can't do it! I would have a heart attack! I would end up throwing my phone I am pretty sure. Don't expect me either to create a message composed of 5 text characters just to suite the conversation you started. I can't go on like that, that's crazy. Pick up the phone! Screw you, I don't care with your phone bills! :<
runawayme runawayme
26-30, F
Nov 7, 2012