Hi I Am David

I have bin lonely, for about 40 years. and being homeless most of my life. and I no, that no one ever wanted, or cared, at all for me. not even God, cares. well I am still hear big deal. well I am going on, and on about my self. my biggest help is the dark, gloomy nights. and bright gloomy days. with no, one at all. I may talk to people, but that is just talking. no help there at all. and if I had some one to be with I would perk up fast, and big time. this may be my last chance in life. but I hope not. I do have a E-Mail, and a webcam, but no one ever contact me. at all, hear it is E-Mail ad, David1012010@live.com I do look at every day but no one isever there.  

David1012010 David1012010
Aug 7, 2010