Black Wiped Out History :)

Jesus known as Yeshua or Yahweh was born out of the poorest of the poor of tribes. The tribe of Juda. When you research the word Judah- it means "black people". Hebrew people of African ancestry is what Jesus was a black Jew. Still to this day there are millions of black Jews/Hebrew descendants alive and well in the middle east and Africa. Point? Well if the color of Jesus is not important to you now, then why was it back when the Vatican church and white people voted to change the image of Jesus from black to white through force of crusades..? Why? Why was a well known mass murderer, child molester, homosexual named Caesar Borgias used as a model for Michael Angelo to paint him as Jesus. Orders from the Catholic church. It's called iconography. Image that've been praying to the image of a pure devil. So this has nothing to do with offending anyone .. its about educating and debunking the lies that have been told. Millions know this truth about the real Jesus it isn't a mystery of what color he was. The original middle eastern people back in those days looked nowhere near like they do today. Besides that the Hebrew people Jews are still alive in the middle east just the "media" won't portray that image. So what's the point? Again The Truth Is the point. You are entitled to your own opinions but not the facts. The "empowerment" comes from the knowledge of shattering the biggest lie in the history of man. White, blacks...people of all colors get a sense of empowered Truth when knowledge of the facts hits the cerebral. The only ones that don't are people who simply don't want to face the truth and still want to believe that Charles Hester a white man was actually Moses. If it were up to the eyes of some blacks wouldn't be in the Bible at all and everyone would be white. Heck even white people painted God white. Lol that is a whole other topic so I will conclude with this. The traffic light, iron, the conductor wire within a lightbulb to make it last longer, postal service, the white house (the construction of it) cotton machine, first open heart surgery, refrigerator, perm hair products, the folding chair, telemeter for the battery, clothes line, remote control, vertical coin counting tube, electric railway, telephone transmitter, rotary engine, bicycle frame, letter box, home security system, disposable syringe, lawn mower, pacemaker, typewriter burridge, peanut butter, lotions and soaps, paints and satins, ice cream mold, horse ridding saddle, doorknob, toilet, guitar, Doorstop, thermo hair curlers, and MANY MANY more inventions that were ALL created by Black people. If it were up to the eyes of some in the history books Black people would be just slaves. So in a since I've been empowered to have knowledge of this fact and truth. Here's one more FACT: Christopher Columbus DID NOT discover AMERICA ...native Americans DISCOVERED HIM.
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I don't like it either. I know my pic has it but it's the meaning of the pic that ministers to me. Shalom.

<p>hi,</p><p>i love the passion in your response.i know about the black jews thing already. I also know the devil goes out of his way to lie to your people about who you are and yes, you are on the center of his radar screen. I understand your indignation. Pray that God will open the eyes of others as he is already doing this. God will avenge.</p><p>I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you, don't know where that is but it's in the Bible somewhere.</p><p>Your people are dearly loved, intelligent, and the apple of God's eye. I know you know this already, but please don't "hate" whites (not saying or inferring you do, but it is easy for a hatred to develop once you realize how much history has been hidden). The Lord died to save all mankind, even the white people. Many of us love your people very much and are for you, not against you. hang in there because the tables will be turned one of these days, wait and see. eyes are being opened.</p>