Simon Says.....

Simon says to live life so people like you. You do that! Me, I'll be watching from the sidelines, waiting for the next person to drop out. Life is a game of Simon Says, someone tells you to live a certain way, people do it! It is horrible that we do, but we do! I do it too! No one really tries, it's just how everyone was raised! We grew up learning to make other people happy before ourselves. That's just how our species lives! Somebody once told me, (the world was macaroni! sorry, I had to!) that even if life is a game of Simon Says, everyone has to lose sometime. She's right. No one can last until the end except the winner, and no one can win all the time! But what if you are like me, and you are your own Simon? What do you do then?

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to LordVoldemort, but it doesn't have to be! No one has to listen to Simon, no one can tell you what is best for you, because frankly, they aren't you! You dont have to lose if you dont play the game, no one can win but the winner, and I am tired of trying to be that one person that everyone wants me to be. If you dont play, then you cant lose.

I guess we all have to listen to Simon sometimes, even if we are our own Simon.<br />
<br />
But I agree with your friend, everyone loses sooner or later, that's a fact of life.