The Laws Of Life Essay Contest.

Okay, so call me a nerd, I am very happy that I get to write this essay! This essay has no guidelines, except that it has to be at least a page long, easy! We get to write about whatever we believe in, me? I'm writing about Simon Says. I'm not going in to try and win the overall contest(but that would be nice also!!!!!) but if I can make my teacher see my point, I know that she would end up telling other students(I know this from experience) then maybe they will start to realize it, then break from the game, become individuals. My school would not be the end of that either! Knowing how if a rummer is started at my school, then somehow a random high-schooler (yes, i know it is not a word!) asks kids about it, I know that kids would tell their siblings, and friends, therefor, spreading the idea around, making the world a better place. Well, at least Westerville, Ohio! I'll post my essay up once I am finished!

redupp redupp
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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

not sure how westerville could get better.