My Simon Says Essay!!!!

So I told you that I would put it up, so here it is!


Simon Says

Simon Says is not just a game for young children; Simon Says is a preparation for later in life. Everyone is a victim of the game, yet, at the same time everyone is a culprit. Most people play the game without even realizing it. I’m hoping that this essay will help to open your eyes.

Everyone has expectations for you, either good or bad. As a middle school student I am expected to help my peers, expected to fit in, and I am expected to grow up. I know that this all is expected of kids my age, because Simon said.  With all the expectations we are helped to grow into new Simons for the future, but what if you don’t want to be a Simon? People have expectations for everyone to stay in the game, people expect for everyone else to want to strive through and win the game. But, does life even have a winner?

We all want to win a game at some point or another; otherwise we would not even be playing! But winning always comes with a price. When people become obsessed with winning, they start to get greedy, selfish, conceited.  When people become so obsessed with winning, they start to fade away from the real world, they start to forget where the game ends and where real life begins. Just as long as prizes are being handed out, a game is always going to be held, we are only human, of course that is going to happen! But I, personally, do not think that it is worth the effort if all it causes is a selfish world!

Responsibilities, not always fun, but we all have them. Our responsibilities change as we age, by adulthood we are responsible for jobs, children, families, and friends. Just like in Simon Says, we have to stick to the rules, or we are out. If you don’t go to work, you will get fired. Same thing if you don’t care for children, somebody will take them to a place where they can receive care. If you are not willing to put the effort into something, then nothing good will come out of it, it’s a simple law of life! You have to work to keep up with your responsibilities.

 It only should matter to you if you want to play the game, no one has to play if they don’t want to. If only it was that simple.

redupp redupp
13-15, F
Mar 12, 2010