Why Me?

When I started dating him they were nice to me. My mom and his dad are close friends. Myself I'm not baha'i and when we got engaged they hated me. His mom mentally tortures him by making him so depressed he pushes me away from him. It hurts. I've been depressed for two days, can't go to school, don't eat, can't sleep. - Im a mess! I have to see a professional, and see what I can do so I can continue in school.....

I came here randomly. A voice inside of me told me `: 'find a baha'i, talk to them' I then prayed, a baha'i prayer.. And got a slight vision of my future... It was me, with children and my boyfriend as a husband. I was teaching my children the baha'i faith. We were all happy.

I must say since my mother-in-law is behaving like this I've been hating on this religion.. But suddenly, in some strange way... I feel it may heal me now.

Please, help me out!
xXClumsySmurfXx xXClumsySmurfXx
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013