I Feel the Same

Everywhere i go i feel as though people are staring at me. I know i'm not just imagining it. I don't know what it is about me that attracts such attention, and i don't think they're admiring stares. Like the other story says, the basis of self-consciousness. It really is. It makes me feel horrible, and i'm always wondering if there's something wrong with me and i'm ALWAYS paranoid and uncomfortable in public because of that.

Growing up i was never the pretty girl, so i've always been self-conscious about that. As a red-head, i was always just that, the red head. And no one liked red heads. Funny thing is, i went to an all girls school, but we had  a 'brother' all boys school nearby, most of the girls at my school knew the boys, and while i knew most of them, i was never friends with them like other girls, and i put it down to the fact that i had red hair, honestly, as stupid as it sounds.

Anyway, the other night i was in a club, and me and my friend saw a group of guys from years ago back in school and went up to chat, my friend was good friends with them, so that was fine, but i said hey to someone and asked if they remembered me and they practically answered me before i could finish the sentence and continued on with their conversation. Then i heard some sort of snickering about me. I couldn't believe it. We're all 20 years old, 3 years out of high school, yet this bullshit still goes on? I wasn't very pleasant company after that, i put them on the spot and they were then ***** footing around with fake smiles on their faces. Ha.

The most pathetic thing is the fact i know they know next to NOTHING about me. I just thought maybe they had grown up a little. Apparently not.

I don't have red hair anymore, because i dye it. It's not because i don't like red hair that i dye it. That was part of the reason when i first started, but now i'm actually seriously considering going back to my natural colour, i like it.

But i still can't put my finger on why i'm constantly stared at in public situations. I know people are gonna say 'because you're so pretty' blah blah blah. But i'm telling you that's not why! Majority of the people staring at me are women, and i want to know why. I wonder sometimes if it's because people think i look angry, or like a *****, cause i'm not always the most smiley character, but i don't have a bitter look on my face, as far as i know.

Why do you stare at people?

jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 19, 2009

First, redheads are hot. Second, I've always felt like people were staring at me too. I was put on antidepressants and found out that, yes, people were staring at me. But no more than they stared at anyone else. People are constantly sizing other people up for a variety of reasons. Some may think you're cute, others may be putting you down for some reason. Some may see you as competition and some may think that you look like a nice girl. Who knows? Who cares? It sounds like a cliche but after years of trying, I have realized that it is true that you cannot please everyone. Thirdly, 19 years out of high school, I've found that it is a rare person who can put aside high school memories and look at you as a different person. And lastly, and you said that you wanted honesty, maybe there is something extraordinary about you that sticks out for better or worse. Why not post a natural photo, not a glamour shot, and ask for people's first impression. Or start off slower and just e-mail your photo to a few people on this site.