Different Religion

Its been a year together, I love him so much, and he do too.. Every time w say w should stop this relationship and move on, a week or something and we get back together as if we said nothing, I don't know how should I deal with this, I'm a muslim girl and he is Christian which is impossible ! Give me advices please
Gina18 Gina18
1 Response Apr 20, 2012

Im in the same situation. You need to ask yourself why you cant be toghether. For me and him its because in the end, we know what we want and thats to have a muslim respectively christian family and raise our kids to have the same religion as we do ourselves. So having a relationship would never work out in the end. If this is the case for you, than i'd say that it'll just get worse the longer you guys stay together and it'll just be harder and harder to break it up. Are you in the same class or something? Cause if you dont have something that forces you to see eachother all the time then just try to break it off if you deep down know its for the best and just try to give yourself some space so you can move on

i wish you all the luck. I know from personal experience how much this truly sucks