I Hate Money!!!!!!!!!!!!

 will believe it our not there are ways to live without money,,,but it means not haveing alot of nuisance I had friends that lived on the river for two years, one day money ain't going to work any more,,,I would like to live in a tepi,,,I was homeless for six years, did not weigh as much and did not live in a house ,,,I had a tent, sleeping bag,,and a couple of pairs of cloths,,washed my cloths on the rocks no soap,bathed in water that would take your breath, when you first get in,,,cause it was so cold,,ate fish, berries, now that was when I had the luxery of being in the woods,,then in the streets it is harder to find food, sure you can go to the missions,,,but food banks require a address, so then had to beg people for food or if they would give money that was great,,,or dumpters, which I have gotten great food out of the dumpters, I got more people to feed me than give me money,,,it was great and I was full, but I like living in the woods the vibrations are not as intence,,,love and light mary

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For the love of money is the root of all evil, and the more people think they need it the more evil they seem to be. I hate money to. I live on just enough to pay my rent, and it is terribly difficult, but I make it through each month just the same. People in other countries live on nothing, and they are less miserable than we are in this so called nation of plenty.

Thank you for sharing a part of yourself.<br />
I love to be in the woods far away by myself.<br />
I also need large bodies of water for pure strong energy.

Dear Mary;<br />
How nice it is to read your memories.<br />
Thanks.<br />
*Smiles*<br />