HAVE You Been Battred and Your a Man?

There comes a point in every one's life when they ask the question, or at least they should be asking "What Is my purpose in life?" There are religions that believe the whole and sole purpose in life is to accomplish a goal.


These religions believe that until you achieve that goal you will be reborn as a human and continue to struggle a humanistic life. To this day I myself have not accomplished anything great or worth becoming and angel, but I have suffered a great deal of emotional and behavioral pit falls, that have brought me closer to my goal.


I don't know why I am here or what my purpose is, but I feel that speaking out and bringing my life out in front to maybe help someone else become strong and independent is a small part of that goal.


Deep within myself I know I have got to find my Ultimate life goal. I stare out this window basically seeing nothing beyond the trees around. I often wonder and think about my life way too much. I have been told by many people through out my life that I am a deep thinker? They say my thoughts can be seen through my eyes and if you see my picture I would believe that to be true. Is it Pain? Happiness? Fear? Love? Or is it just a person who has finally come to understand that life is what we make it to be, and all those emotions and animation's are what makes us continue on?


I learned that pain is what we remember the most about our lives, the hard times, the hurtful moments, our saddest childhood moments, and learning to remember the good times is more difficult, unless it leads up to the difficult times. when humans go through a painful traumatic experience, we hold on to that feeling as a safeguard, an emotion that embarrasses us maybe as a form of protection.



Battered Women / Women in Distress
An organization that strives to provide the "abused and battered victims" of the world information they can use to either get out of the situation they are currently in or get advice from other abused victims that may help them.

Women Against Domestic Violence 
A group of women from around the world who have joined together in the fight against Domestic Violence.

United Angles Against Domestic Violence

Women's Faith Force Ministry
Helping stop domestic violence one heart at a time www.heartsnsouls.org "This resource center offers a bibliography for parents and children around a number of traumatic life situations. Go to their web site for more information. Contact Stephanie Stephanie Harris (612)627-4014

An international poetry/art project against violence

Relationship Smart
Everything Relationships, from Abusive Relationships to Zodiac Relationships.

Emerging Women
A site that empowers women to be all they can be; featuring the Life Enhancement Course, a woman's forum, info and resources on domestic violence.

Silent Tears, Inc.
Celebrating Your Right to Equality in Relationships.

Gift From Within
Resource for Survivors

Millennium Divorce
Helps with sane and healing divorce.

Kids Rights Organization

Stop Abuse For Everyone

domestic violence

battered men resource list

abused men resource list

battered women resource list

Abused gay, bisexual, and trans gendered men resource list

Abused lesbian, bisexual, and trans gendered women resource list


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lunnas lunnas
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i hate domestic violence of any kind!