You Are In My Heart

All I think about is you...How I'd like to hold you, kiss you, feel you, breath you in. My heart calls out and aches for you. The more I cherish the gift that you are, the more pain I feel. Our distance is a dagger to my heart but your love makes this bleeding heart worth it. You have accepted all of me and in turn I will do the same for you. You are not perfect. Yet, I believe you are the perfect one for me. So when our gap is closed and I have you pressed against me...I'll never want to let you go. I hate that you are so far away. I love that you are in my heart.
Nychick4 Nychick4
26-30, F
3 Responses Nov 15, 2011

I know how you feel. I've only been apart from my wife for 5 weeks but it is so so hard.

Wow, it is almost as if I wrote this myself! This say it all...

thank you...I hope you and your love can close the gap too.