Without You

So dark, so blue,
no silver lines shining through.
still m walkin.
my ears can hear you talkin.
and its not good what i hear,
only the things i fear.
can't ignore; don't want to.
that's all i have left of you,
these voices in my head,
n the moments in the time.
i'll have them forever.
if not you,
at least they're mine.

i had it all.
shame, i had to lose it
to realize.
closed were my eyes.
now its too late to apologize.

but its no time for words.
let the actions do the talkin,
with steps of hope m walkin.
it might be dark, n very blue
with no silver lines shining through,
but, i will achieve what i want to.

it is just this one life that i have,
n i'm not gonna waste it without you.
TheLoneWalker TheLoneWalker
22-25, M
1 Response May 5, 2012

Hey...thats very well written and beautifully expressed....