It's Hard Sometimes

Being in love is a challenge in itself. Yet, knowing that the special someone in your life will always be there for you makes things seem less painful to go through.
However, sometimes... when it's distance that separates you from the special someone, the pain will come back.
I have been in love multiple times, all of which were long distance. The farthest was with a man who had lived in China years back.
The most recent (over a year ago) was with a young man my age, who had lived in California.
We lost touch, sadly.
When you think about that person, you see a brighter future.
I saw marriage.
Grand kids.
Everything in between.
Yet, there was no embracing.
No hugs.
None of the small things that leave a lasting impact.
To all the men I loved like that, they knew my feelings.
They shared the same pain.
Love conquers all, I firmly believe that.
However, just to be honest...
It's Hard Sometimes.

Destati Destati
22-25, F
May 11, 2012