Internal Conflicts Of A Weary Mind

what is it that you need,
what's that you're searching for?
u've been walking for so long now,
but do u know what you're looking for?

you got what you wanted,
and you lost what you got.
there's no end to this cylcle
but u still dont wanna stop.
the heart will keep aching always,
nothing can heal it ever,
once the flower's dead; it wont blossom,
no matter how much u water.
where do you keep walking to,
dont even know what you're looking for,

what are these questions..
where are all the answers?
i dont know..
n m not walking to find any answer.
there's a lot of road left.
dont care where it'l end
only one thing i wish,
u stay happy,
no matter how i end.

(Dedicated to my family and closed ones.)
TheLoneWalker TheLoneWalker
22-25, M
Sep 18, 2012