Once Again...

...I know that it is my own damned fault. This is one of my biggest problems and a good head doctor might have done me a lot of good, a lot of years ago.
I meet a woman, usually one I am attracted to by looks, and away I go! No patience. No waiting to see WHO this woman REALLY is because, with looks like that, she must BE honest real and dependable. Right?... Couldn't be more wrong!
She was beautiful, fun to be around, liked spending time with me as much as I did her...let her into my life, friends, family and eventually home. I mean, I am 50 something now...not 30 something and finding someone attractive at this age is hard for me.
And always seems to go the same way...all is GREAT for 4-6 months or so....then there's some kind of metamorphosis that takes place...almost over night. I end up standing shaking my head in surprise and disgust...later stung by the fact that this woman is not at all the person I thought she was.

Lesson and note to self: Even if she looks like the princess herself and seems to have the mind of an intellect and she seems to want me.....BACK OFF and see what happens after 18 months...see if it's still there...from different homes and beds. Well, let's say 3 nights on 4 off for the bed thing......
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1 Response Sep 2, 2010

OK, I just had to delete my post due to a typographical error. I was saying that you should not be taken by a woman's beauty. Looks aren't all that important. Well, they should actually be irrelevant. The person "inside" is what counts. To tell you the truth, I'm more likely to find an unattractive girl to be a good sight because ba<x>sed on experience, I've noticed that people who are "physically attractive" (as defined by the mainstream) tend to be mean. Beauty is really more psychological than anything. It depends on how you define it. Naturally, the human brain defines beauty ba<x>sed on mathematical "order" due to the second law of thermodynamics which governs how life works. More order means that less energy is needed to accurately model something mathematically. This is why we find symmetrical flowers or standing forests to be more beautiful than disordered bushes or non-smooth ob<x>jects. However, once we realize that a person's personality matters to us most and what great times we are able to have with a person, we define a person's beauty by their behavior. I've actually tried this before. I once looked at a girl who was nice. I found her look to be utterly beautiful. Then for a few days, I began imagining what she would be like if she acted like a complete jerk. When I looked at her picture again, I was very very repulsed by the sight of it. At least that's how it works for me. I believe that if everybody adopted similar ways of choosing people, we would all be very happy.