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Really ??? ... Seriously ????

First, it was the babbling psychics .....

Now, it's a travel suggestion .....

It says ... "Visit Israel .... You'll Never Be The Same" .....

Well, I guess not !!!! ...... Israel just attacked Syria .... and now, Syria and Iran are all pissed off and are contemplating a counter-strike against Israel ....

Anybody want to join me at the ticket counter ???
AllAboutLaffs AllAboutLaffs 70+, M 9 Responses Jan 31, 2013

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lol..........amazingly funny.


The blue haired fella is going to Israel.
Though neighboring countries are full of vitriol.
After contacting a psychic.
She said you won't like it.
Maybe the EP ads aren't so trivial.

HA !!! ..... cheers for AaaaaaRGH !!!!!!

Count me out!

Not too many takers on this exotic vacation ... I don't get it ...

Dang....I just may have to remove my ad blocker. I missed the "gone squatchin" ad with the big dude with the red hair.

But I'll pass on the trip Laff. :-D

While all of the ads are annoying, some are just easy to take shots at .... I'm torn between not seeing them (with Ad Block) and being able to throw things at my monitor ..... decisions, decisions ..... LOL

Oh hot Arab girls dating!! Thats new.

DEG ..... "Date hot __________ girls!" ..... just fill in the blank .... EP is pimpin

You mean there are other dating sites too? =o/

This is too funny!!


Some of the psychics looked a lil scary but this sounds down right dangerous!! Lets go skiing at a nice lil resort in Vermont instead.....Wayyyyy safer!!

That's a great idea, sie !!!

That is so funny! Nope, I think you can take that trip all by your lonesome self.

I guess timing is everything, affinity .... LOL

apparently :-)

Lol!!!! I hate the ads too because if you use your smartphone to EP, my fingers always accidently click on the link to open another window. Its so annoying.

Is there an Ad Block app for your phone ??? .... I use either Chrome or FireFox as my browser and am seriously considering applying Ad Block ..... but then, what will I have left to rant about ??? .... LOL

I have to look. Didnt know those things existed. :)

I have Ad should get it.....I wouldn't steer you wrong ;-)

I trust you!! :)

Add block....??? Has my phone life just been saved?!?!

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