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Like I Wouldn'T Remember ???

Some of the ads that show up on EP really crack me up .....

And, sneaky devils that they are .... they pull up ads that are keyed to your browsing history ... or comments you've made (your activity) ..... all sorts of sneaky stuff .....

Well, recently, I've seen many ads on my pages ... inviting me to look at my arrest record ..... REALLY ????

I've never been arrested ..... and haven't been discussing arrests with anyone .... so, where do they get this stuff ????

I mean, if I had been arrested, don't ya think I'd remember ???
AllAboutLaffs AllAboutLaffs 70+, M 9 Responses Feb 4, 2013

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yea im sick and tired x of those criminal post office criminals being posted up on our profiles .



It could be worse. I just had an ad for single transexuals. How I long for the days when the ads believed I was a criminal.

Last time I visited the post office, there was a furry, blue haired gent displayed on the "most wanted" list...

HA !!

Oh I'm cross now.... I just get broadband adds.... and I am a master criminal (- only caught a few times)

Go ahead and click Kat ..... there may be more there than you realize .... LOL

they are tempting me to turn back to my life of crime - there's swarovski crystals adds now.... cant afford them! I think this is morally wrong!

Don't go to the dark side, Kat !!!! .... resist those temptations !!


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I am looking at one of the arrest record adverts right now. Interesting. I haven't been arrested, written or responded to any stories about it. I wonder if the site is just assuming we are criminals! :~}

Hard to say what drives the ads ..... makes me smile though ..... I mean, why would anyone click on it ??? .... if you've been arrested or not, you'd already know so why go to a site to find out ..... the whole thing is nuts .... and stupid !!

Now that you mention it, you're right! The crazy stuff they pedal on the internet it knows no bounds. :~}

Some of them try to trick us into responding, thinking we are responding to an EP friend. I also hate when they cover up something I'm trying to do and won't let me past.

I NEVER click on them .... I just refuse to give EP the revenue ....

I don't either but I almost did a few days ago by mistake.

And I didn't know that I'm a Lesbian. I get ads of dating websites with Asian women. lol

Is it possible they know something you don't ??? .... LOL

Maybe they know about my future? Who knows...

Hey !!! ... you can ask those psychics about that !!!!

Sometimes I watch them for several minutes. The psy with the twirled moustache is my fav! Muhahaha

I get the asian would be wives not to mention Russian & Polish...glad you do too, was beginning to think I'd be out-ed...LOL.....oh an I got one for viagra...........dunno quite what to make of that........

I always get penis enhancement spam. Why is that for heavens sake? I don't have a bloody penis!

LOL...welll maybe they think you might want one....

No thanks! I'm happy with my V.

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I get those too!! I've seen a few of them that were darn scary and I have NEVER been arrested....I have smiled and talked my way out of a few speeding tickets and I've had a few parking violations but nothing bad enough to warrant these guys on my screen!!!!! :O

*grins at you*

Now Sie..dear...we all know your memory is not quite what it should prolly did get arrested...and

Nawww....I'd totally remember being busted....I like handcuffs wayyyy too much to forget em!! :D