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What A Heartless B****

My husband was active duty army and the best damn soldier I have ever seen.  The only problem was hes 1% overweight so out of nowhere the General decided to kick him out because he was too fat to be in his company, brigade whatever the hell it was.  The kicker they told us we had 10 days to pack up and leave and move from Alaska back home with our two children.  All of his NCO,s staff sergts., and everyone that knew him wrote letters asking him to reconsider because my Husband was the hardest worker there and had nothing bad on his record.   He honorably discharged him and now we are living at his dads no job, no insurance, and they want us to pay them back money.  They have ruined our lives and dont even care, what goes around comes around he'll get his. 

Katerbug9237 Katerbug9237 18-21, F 5 Responses Apr 27, 2010

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He was supposed to get 2 looks and have a min of a 30 day window to drop that 1percent. There are 100's of extreme over weight soldiers at every base why not kick them out.

oooh sounds like a legal thing, time to start asking questions now, and id start by hittin the unemployement office and veterans benefits asap, take anything you can for now, food stamps whatever he gave time to the country so dont feel bad taking back.<br />
get the pay you lost by filing for unemployment and va benefits.<br />
1% overweight bullshit i see fat people all the time in the army, and im sure a general didnt approve that it never makes it to them unless you do a congressional inquiry into it.<br />
good luck and stay strong

sorry to hear that, some people just don't have a heart. Sounds like this guy that kicked him out probably had to much pride about the army. Some of them ******** get carried away with it and think it's the greatest thing on earth.

Im sorry that thats happened to you guys..shaking my head for some people its all about appearance.

Im sorry that thats happened to you guys..shaking my head for some people its all about appearance.