My Dad Is In The Army Reserves

My dad has been in the army reserves for 26 years, and he changed overtime. He was sent to Afghanistan for a year, but it ended up being fifteen months, then he was deployed again to Iraq for six months, and this summer he will be deployed for his third tour. Every time he comes back, I feel like he's not here. He's distant, but overall he's very very angry. He never hit me or my mom, but he sure beat the hell out of other things. My door was kicked in because y sister slammed it, and then the door to my garage was smashed in, because my mom wouldn't come and open it that second. She was washing dishes. I offered and he told me to just go away. He seems to loose it more every time he leaves. I understand war is hell, but this is his third time. Whats going to happen now? Will he has his episodes more often, up his dose on his anti-depressant? The military makes me sick, they take my dad away, but that's not good enough for them, they need to take him again and again. And who has to deal with the consequences? We do, his family. I'll always love him, he's my dad. I just hope this tour doesn't push him over the edge.
JDoe93 JDoe93
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1 Response Jun 1, 2010

i agree, i hate the army for that reason also. It changes people, hardly ever in a good way and there are tons of homeless veterans.