I was in the Army for about 4 years, but it seemed no matter what I would do to help my battle buddies, no one cared. The majority of people I met at Fort Benning and Fort Gordon were selfish one man only types. Going AWOL was the best thing I ever did, because now I'm discharged and never have to be apart of that lie ever again.
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Did the same, dude. Went AWOL from ft Gordon while in AIT. Ft Benning was alright, at least there was SOME discipline, but Gordon was complete bullshit. Worse than high school. EVERYONE was a piece of ****.

Anyway, went AWOL for a month, got taken to Ft Knox and they discharged me in one day. I'm out with an uncharacterized discharge and I couldn't be happier.

Don't believe their scare tactics about going to Leavenworth, or getting a dishonorable. Even MOSQ permanent party are given OTH discharges at worst nowadays for going AWOL. Do your research, talk to GI Rights and get out of there.

My husband refuses to go AWOL because he'll be dishonorably discharged.. I wish with all of my being that he would.

I have been in the Army for 14 years, SFC, and I totally agree with you. I am currently stationed at Gordon. If it were not for my children I would have found a way out a long time ago. I can totally apprecite your situation. I guess 5 years in the Marines spoiled me.

you were brave for going awol good luck yea the army is one big lie soldier= slaves for the government

I wish I could've done that. But I never would've been able to afford college without the Army. Now I'm stuck in for 8 years.

They use you, and you use them. May take eight years, but it's a win-win.

Did they take you to jail? I had a nice shot at going AWOL in AIT. When we were on break, the gate to the installation was right over the fence. I didn't take the chance though because I didn't want to go to jail. And is it really as hard as they say it is to get a job after that (I imagine the discharge was dishonorable)?

contract doesn't start until you graduate AIT, General discahrge under missed training, you stay in an army barraks at fort knox for a week or two, depending when you get there, you watch tv all day. If you go awol and get back on base without being caught, then they have to keep you, because they can never prove you left, atleast at fort gordon.