The Army Is Screwing My Family

My husband is E-5 has been in 13 years no displine issues. We are stationed in Hawaii my son started having major medical issues and our lovely military medical center Tripler keep giving him more and more medication. We came home in December for a funeral and my son got sick and we went to the doctor and they said he could not fly due to his seizures are not stable. He has been hospitalized off and on. We put in a Compassionate reassignment packet with doctors letters etc, they denied it, even with the letters saying he could not fly and cannot travel. My son is in the hospital and we have 2 other kids my husband is helping , I cant do it on my own. He isnt even in a deploying unit , he sits behind a desk all day. His command is ordering him back what do we do? We are paying 4382.00 rent due to housing in hawaii and housing here this sucks the army doesnt give a crap avout my family, my son could die and they dont give a damn. They said we choose to get care here, get on a plane and come back tripler can care for my son. Im sueing tripler for malpractice for what they did to my child. I need help and I dont know what to do.
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1 Response Feb 19, 2011

contact your home congressman with this exact information, they can do a congressional inquiry into this situation thats what im doing and apparently its worked for others, either that or utilize the open door policy ( which can be used all the way up to a brigade commander) to talk to someone higher about this <br />
good luck