I Am Wasting My Life In The Army!

i respect every soldier, who deserves it. i am a good soldier, but i hate the army. it sucks for me. i dont do any thing wrong at work. but i am not serving my country or helping the ppl. i am just serving the army. and i am tired of wasting my life. my unit is so freaking stupid!. i hate all the saftey brieffings and ace card ****. i know why most soldiers kill them selfs, i know some do b/c of ptsd and war.  my heart go out to all of the family members who lost their loved ones to stuff like that cuz they did to something for this country... they died for this country and they are the bravest of us all. they did there job and died with honnor. but most of the soldiers kill themseves b/c they thought they wanted to be in the army and do great things but they where wrong. they didnt like the army and they coulgnt get out unless they did something to mess up thier lives outside the army like geting a dishornorable discharge. they cant get out by simply not likeing the army. so they kill themselves cuz they cant get out the army. a life should not be lost to something like this. it happens every day. if they army would just let ppl out then none of use would have to go to ace meetings and no one would be killing themselves to get out. i hate that about the army, cuz you dont have a choice, its hard as hell to get out and takes to much time. ppl just say well just finish your contract you signed up for it stop being a ***** and suck it up. well all them ppl who say that can go to hell. they dont know what goes on through ppls minds. i believe if you dont like what your doing then you can change it. if you dont want to be int he you should be able to get out. the army keeps trying to better its self and is trying to cut down numbers they why not just ask us who wants to get out? that way they get get rid of us and keep all the soldiers who love the army and then the army will be even greater. there, simple salution to a problem that the army has blown way out of proportion. i would give up my gi bill and all they money i ever make in the army to get the hell out right now. our post rule is fail 2 pt test and your out well iv faied 5 in 3 months, why am i still here? im tired of coming in early and staying late for stupid ****. stop taking my time away from me. my friend pissed hot and is getting a general discharge. what the hell?!! right??! what do you think that makes me want to do on my time off?? and i hate how at the gate on to post they have a ******* billboard that has the number of days thy post goes with out haveing a soldier die!!!  wtf!! what kind of depressing hell hole are we working in?? iv never seen that number above 32 on my post. that ****** me off. i hate that you have to salut an officer like hes better than you, and you have to kiss an nco's *** all day even if hes a **** tard, and yells at you for not getting enough work done when he doesnt even know his mos, i cant wait to get the **** out. im not really sure what my point is here but i just wanted to ***** and now i feel a litte better.
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You should've thought about what it meant to give YOUR LIFE for your country and fellow man before you joined.

Reading all of these comments make me sick. I guess you all are not understanding the point of this person writing this article. This person seem like they need help and clearly stated that they are tired of people just saying stick out your enlistment but yet in the comments that is all that I see. Sorry for the tone that I am relying in but people what is the use of commenting if you are not helping what the person said. The moral of the story is the Army should do something instead of allowing soldiers to keep killing themselves and going into depression and so on and so fourth. The Army is over-strength and they can afford to let people out. There should be more options such as letting your benefits go and getting out but all of your expenses for going home are on you. This person is right we do not know what goes through the minds of people and I know exactly how they feel when they say wasting their life. If you all do not know by now yes I am in the Army and I have to serve another two years and I do not feel like I am going to make it. When we are born as human beings we are born to make mistakes. When We experience life we made some decisions that we regret. Things happened in our lives we have to react quick before we die or be very close to it and during that time that we are surviving we are still dying but slower. Then when it comes to the Military things and opportunities open up for us but we can not jump into the thing that will help us survive until it is our time to go or to just keep us surviving longer. We just have to stay in and die slowly. I say did because that is how it feels. Offers come my way all the time so when It comes to my life and my family I can not jump on those offers to have a betting life I have to continue to like the life that some love that I despise on the highest level. Now that is not disrespect to the Military or what it is for. But when you hate a football team you just hate it don't you. You don't hate the players or the organization you just have the team for the team. In my opinion when you join there should be clauses so that you can get out due to life changes because the suicide rate is so high but over 50 percent of the people in the army would tell you the army doesn't care. Thats and understatement. Talk to the chaplain is another thing I hate. All of us are not religious and all the chaplain says is they same thing tough it out come to church and come back to talk....been there done that nothing so other than suicide tell me how do you get out or is it the only way.

To the writer respond to this comment and I will get a contact from you I am trying some ways not to get out I actually try to help you instead of telling you to stick to it. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to dig to expose the light.

First, how did you get in with the worst grammar I've ever seen… and second, you should know what you are getting into when you join the UNITED STATES MILITARY. you are not there for a free ride through college, YOU are there to give your life. So that your family doesn't have to.

While I can certainly empathize with your complaints, I'd encourage you to finish your initial commitment on the best of terms. "Go out with a bang" as they say. I know it seems useless, but meet the PT standard for yourself so at a minimum your c-o-c will have no ammunition to ride you. The last thing you want to do is make yourself an easy target, which will only intensify any negative feelings you're already experiencing. As the last poster replied, there are an abundance of subpar "leaders" who wouldn't make it in any other system--and you're right not to aspire to become what they are, but don't allow that to discourage you from achieving your personal goals. Use the experience for what you can and go on to bigger and better things. I know of others who have succeeded in their quest to leave the military via administrative separation--one for being overweight and the other for a pattern of misconduct. I know you say you're willing to sacrifice your benefits but for your sake, please don't. It'd be a real shame that you've devoted this much time only to be separated with a General characterization of service therefore rendering you ineligible for taking advantage of the G.I. Bill. If you have 12 months or less, I'd say start (or continue) preparing yourself for what it is you know you want to do back in the private sector. Chalk it up to life experience and don't look back. I wish you the best of luck and do continue to keep in touch with those who care about you, it'll make your time a little less difficult to cope with.

It sounds to me like you either didn't research the army before enlisting or you had the wrong expectations for joining. It isn't summer camp where you can do as you please and get a free ride at the government's expense for college, the job you couldn't get, and the prestige of being a Soldier. You kids are so spoiled.

Be lucky you weren't in when I served. We didn't have computers, cell phones, internet, camcorders, or any of the niceties you guys have now. We couldn't send emails/video messages from overseas, or post reproachful online messages in forums/blogs about our employer when we felt like venting. You guys have it a lot easier than we did.

You're lucky you got in. A lot of guys/ladies with more maturity and respect for the military would like to trade places with you. I'm sure they would appreciate having a job in these miserable times. Yes there are bad units and superiors. I was in a few myself, but I dealt with it.

" if you dont want to be int he you should be able to get out. the army keeps trying to better its self and is trying to cut down numbers they why not just ask us who wants to get out? that way they get get rid of us and keep all the soldiers who love the army and then the army will be even greater."

God forbid the army has the most logical initiative to ask who wants to get out. there is no sense. no logic. no organization and i feel you on the "wanna get out" part.

Another "Didn't know what I was getting into" person…

Most of you didn't have anything going for you so you joined the Army for "college" and you know bloody well your never going to get in because you applied yourself in school about as much as you applied yourself in the Army. Are you f_ck_ng retarded? Most of us? DS,,,you are a waste of *****


You know you are wrong right? not everyone joins the military because it was the only option. Most people, like myself, joined because i thought i'd be defending my country. I am 2 years in and im 3 classes away from my Masters Degree. I think your insults are needless as you are not better than anybody else.

You are 3 classes away from your masters? Tell me again how defending your country is only possible through physical strength, and not through learning about ways to work with other countries to reach a compromise.

What I find hilarious to your post and that of the people that responded to this is your sense of self entitlement. The Army is not here for you, you are here for the Army. Most of you didn't have anything going for you so you joined the Army for "college" and you know bloody well your never going to get in because you applied yourself in school about as much as you applied yourself in the Army. You want out, leave. Just leave, when the police catch you, you will come back, get court marshaled and sent away. BYE! No more listening to you whine and cry about the decisions you did or did not make. Deal with it.

So easy for someone looking in to say than for that person who is actually experiencing hell at its best.

As I am?…..

hell at its best? More like heaven at its worst..

Hey, if you can find a solid way the hell out, let me know.

We all try in many ways but its almost like finding your way out of a labyrinth.

It is now 6 months later and I would like to ask what happened to you, were you able to get out?

lol i dont think so

Good, you got my back?

I hate that the Army because is an institution where there is no common sense and reason to exist, is a ******* institution where the real knowledge have no value and the important thing is how many useless people you kiss in the *** get something.

The stupid officers who believe they are the owners of the world and useless NCOs who only have learned a stupid book to get to move up.

Who the hell cares about the NCO creed, which does not serve you anything when you go to a job interview, you know the real world. We learn things that we never use again in our life and the waste of time and money on this place is huge.

I count the days to leave this place that really disappoint me; I thought it would be a different place. And those retards that told me “you know the Army is not for everyone” yes you are so damn right, the army is just for the frustrated people who find themselves without chances outside or for those who never learned nothing about how to be a real professional.

I have two Masters and apparently does not matter, because when you wish to apply for OCS, they come with the stupidity that you're too old or do not meet the requirements ... seriously ... tell me how many officers here have two masters, the only thing they study is meaningless as a career…. military history or general courses ... what is that?... I hate this institution for what it represents and useless amount of hours waste without learning or do anything productive.

"the army is just for the frustrated people who find themselves without chances outside or for those who never learned nothing about how to be a real professional." How did a "man" with 2 masters not already know, "how to be a professional"? Because he doesn't know what it means to sign up for the army, and at the same time: giving up your life, and wants….

I certainly agree with your sentiment, I respect the Army as an organization, the good people that can be found in the ranks, as well as the ultimate sacrifice paid by those who have fallen. However, the majority of those found in the Army would never make it outside of the Army system. As an NCO, I can safely say that many of the NCOs I encounter stumbled through the promotion board, and relied solely on multiple guess correspondance courses and PT in order to "earn" their stripes.

They make useless leaders but are often the ones that get parading in front of the formation as the supreme example of leadership.