Hate Is A Strong Word...

So I have been in the Army for six years, with ETS leave I have only five months left - I can't wait to get out. Every day I'm counting, one by one until the day I finally get that bulldog stamp. I have issues with the Army, which I will address here, but I believe that hate is a strong word. A word that can be used to describe a broad variety of issues, things, events, entire countries and ideas, I believe that the Army is not a bad organization - in the same way that the KKK isn't bad - it's the leadership and people in both organizations that make them intolerable. Now I know what many of you may say, "How can you compare the Army to the KKK?!" Well, it's very easy to do so, both are uniformed and faceless, both believe that they are there for a "common good," and the "preservation of society," but I digress.

The root cause of my issues with the Army is mainly the leadership. While I have no disdain for "lifers," many of them couldn't handle another way of life, in the same way thelong time prisoners often fear to be released in the real world. The world inside those walls is theirs, the place that they know, and they are comfortable there, they have respect; all the while they know in their hearts that in the real world, they are neither comfortable in their own skin, nor are they respectable as individuals. Indeed, from what I have observed, from Private E-1 to the NCO rank that I have earned, the senior and junior NCO, Commissioned Officer, and even Warrant Officer ranks are filled with those that could not survive in any other environment than the closed system that they inhabit now. Instead of encouraging Soldiers to go out and live actual, productive lives that have value to both society and the economy, they constantly remind them that the economy is in shambles, there are no jobs, and that they will be crawling back in a week.

Which brings me to my next issue...

Striking the same cord as those that fear the real world, my other issue are those that rely on the Army and military in general, for a paycheck, health benefits, and always revel in the idea that they get more days off (DONSA) and have an hour and a half lunch break. "What job could beat that?!" That is the same argument you will find in many welfare lines. In no other organization have I found such a collection of lazy individuals that have no regard for anything other than the easy way of getting money. Instead of actually taking a chance to become productive members of society, they leech off the government and the benefits offered, selling their lives for a meager salary, because they are afraid that they won't succeed. I'm sorry to say this, but these types of people are inhereting the Army, as intelligent, productive members of society will realize that their sense of self worth should never be sold in such piecemeal of a fashion.

Again, to those that have no issue with selling their bodies, minds, and the health of their family lives in order to "earn" a stipend and a sense of false satisfaction to an ungrateful country, and a thankless, selfish superior...I hope that the broken mind, body, and family is worth every bit of time lost in such a fruitless exercise of bureaucratic might that can be discovered in the Army.

So indeed, hate is a strong word, because I do not hate the Army - I have merely awaken to the fact that there is no greater waste of time. A delayed entry into real life, is what I would consider it; a great worm of tedium that will swallow you up and not care where the droppings lay. I would say that sums up the leadership of the Army as well!

FTA Forever, friends.
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Very true. There are plenty of dumb-*** people I have to deal with in my daily life every day that couldn't live with their self in the civilian world. ba<x>seless, arrogant, contrived, *************. But just count your days. ETS, baby, you can't stop time, Uncle Sam's gettin' his, so I'm going to get mine.

I agree, some people should stop relying on the Army for education, medicare, and paying your bills. They are not always going to be there for someone, that's their problem they keep handing out money to people for the littlest things and not getting anything in return. Except their tour of duty, but that can't compensate for money. The Army is becoming to socialist if they going at the pace they are they won't be able sustain themselves any longer and throw themselves into bankruptcy. From thinking life is about handouts and hard work is stupid. THIS IS NOT A BASH!!!!!

I'm either planning on joining the Army or the Marine Corps, any suggestions/pros and cons.


I too am currently an NCO and I've had enough.............i'm tired of punishing my troops when I do not think there "crime" was that bad at all (AKA they were late 10 seconds, 4856 or you get one, etc...) I am tired of freaking out over nothing (counselings were not done to standard SGT! YOU WILL STAY LATE BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL DIE IF YOU DO NOT PUT YOUR SOLDIERS MIDDLE INITIAL IN THERE.) I ren-enlisted regrettably, I should have gotten out. Good for you get out, I encourage others to do the same as well. I am requesting a volunteer chapter and hopefully it goes through. My wife thinks I should stay, but when she says that I am starting to wonder about her...................at any rate, go civilian, get your first name back, and no longer be responsible for a GROWN ADULTS action because you are there "NCO"

Its called being a leader. Attention to detail I am sure you have heard of it being the "NCO" you say you are. If you 10 sec. late you shouldn't be counseled? Ok how about this than, why not be 30 min late hell a couple hours? Whats the big deal right. Late is late be it 1sec or 2 days, either way you missed the hit time. I hope and pray you get your discharge because you are what is wrong with the military. You some how slipped through the cracks and got the chance to teach, coach and mentor young Soldiers and you are screwing it up. Its your job to instil discipline and you do not have to "freak out" over everything you need to learn and act like a REAL NCO before you ever start claiming to be one.

A real NCO writes like a professional, and doesn't treat those with opposing opinions like they are retarded. You gotta undock that **** from your *** and try being a human being. You can be a hard *** and still be a human. Try it, you ****.

master of the ******* universe