They Will Destroy You

I've been in the Army for 3 years now and when I joined they were doing some sort of double-swear in thing, so although I enlisted in July of '09, all my paperwork says June '10, the month I shipped for in the process I was cheated a year.

Also, my recruiter couldnt get me the MOS I wanted so he just picked one for me. And when I finally got to my unit, I hated this job so I began going to school for the MOS I originally wanted. I finished phase 1 of this school and was told I had to complete the second phase of the training within 1 year or I will lose the opportunity of getting the MOS. So, when I tried to sign up for the school this year my unit told me I can't go until next year because theres no I did phase 1 for nothing and won't be able to get the job that I WANT in the Army.

My fiancee is also in the Army (full time) and he can't even text me or call me while he's at work without his boss writing him up, yet his boss has a wife and makes personal calls all the time and comes into work when he feels like it. When you're of lower rank, you have absolutely no power in this world. I remember during hurricane Irene they called my fiancee to work at 11pm and he had to go. I slept alone that night. The Army can call you away from your loved ones whenever they feel like it. I'm worried they will call him into work when we are on our honeymoon.

The main reason I joined was for the college benefits because otherwise I wouldnt be able to afford to go to school. But I'm telling you, it's not worth 8 years of your life, (8 years is the minimum requirement of service if you are planning on going to college,) to be the Army's *****. After 3 years, I regret ever joining.
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First your recruiter cant pick your job for you. You have to sign that sheet you prob should of read the paperwork when you joined. Second there is no way you got cheated a year when your a future soldier that dont count. Third of course they can call you into work whenever they want its the military not Walmart. Fourth you knew you was joining the Army when you signed up if you prob should have thought is gtn college really important to me bc you said you couldnt afford it so deal with the bs get your degree and live life.

yea being in the army sucks