The Reasons I Hate The Army

Man, where do I even begin?

1- Double standards
2- Favoritism
3- Rank elitism
4- Being bullied because I'm not airborne
5- Being denied promotion because I'm not airborne
6- APFT scores are the only scores that carry any weight
7- Leaders assuming all junior enlisted soldiers are stupid
8- Leaders believing they are always right because of rank.
9- People who refuse to adapt and try new methods because "Thats how they Army's always done it"
10- Senior NCO's who insist on micro managing junior NCO's. What a great way to produce idiot leaders who cant think on their own!
11- The "Work harder, not smarter" philosophy
12- Being told at 1600hrs about an important task and that nobody can go home til its done.
13- Squad leaders trying to stretch 2hrs worth of work into a 12hr long day because they're too afraid to release soldiers
14- S***bags being treated favorably and promoted because they can max out a PT test
15- Guys who know absolutely nothing about their MOS who get by because they are pt studs
16- Racism and xenophobia
17- Sexism.
18- AIT is a complete joke. As if anybody is going to retain s*** when they've only seen and read it once.
19- Being given leave days to be used whenever I wish, yet only allowed to use them when the company says I can.
20- Being accused of malingering for being responsible enough to see a doctor when injured
21- Leaders that don't give a crap about their soldiers. They're just in it for the promotions
22- Combat Arms MOS soldiers and their constant need to put down combat support soldiers. You don't last very long without us.
23- Overly patriotic soldiers
24- Air Defense Artillery. A massive waste of the Army's time and money.
25- Elitist wives within every FRG group
26- Having zero time to apply for the many wonderful programs the Army supposedly offers.
27- Toxic leaders who intentionally set their own soldiers up for failure.
28- The assumption that all soldiers on profile are s***bags
29- Having to carry an A.C.E suicide prevention card. As if having this stupid thing makes anyone less likely to kill himself.
30- Hypocrites in high positions
31- The Army's desire to control every facet of a soldier's personal life. What I do off duty is none of their f****ing business
32- Mass punishment. If it barely worked in the "old army", it sure as f*** wont work now.
33- Aging dinosaurs and their obsession with the "old army"
34- Leaders that throw 5 times the necessary number of bodies required to complete a task expecting to be done 5 times faster.
35- Being forced to sound off like a complete moron
36- Logic and critical thinking have no place in the Army
37- Leaders being able to add to but not take away from regulations. A loophole that has caused many soldiers much pain
38- Change of command ceremonies
39- The army doesn't pay soldiers nearly enough money for all the stress and hardships they endure.
40- No matter what one accomplishes in the army, there will always be someone who looks down on him.
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7 Responses Apr 22, 2012

I don't think anyone could have explained it better! Enough said. Lol.

I can agree with you a lot I'am currently in my 5th year and can't wait to get the f*** out. I will be getting out in 6 years and I can't wait to be a civilian again because I'am tired of all this bs and as well as retardation. The army is really a stupid organization for dumb people they do not realize that real people didn't join because of there so called patriotism, they joined because they needed jobs and the army was there only lifeline. Furthermore I do not see any reason to stay in because the army is like an institution for people who cannot better themselves or who are afraid of their past and who wants to escape the real world. So therefore, I can't wait to get out the army and be a civilian once more I really don't like the army, one more year and I'am OUT F*** THE ARMY.

Looks like you've got it figured out. I have to say that I have seen every single thing that you've pointed out in one enlistment. I think in order to last in the Army you've got to learn how to play the game. I hate playing games. The problem with the Army is that it is such a huge organization and they don't have the time or the resources to evaluate every soldier accurately. If your a PT stud your automatically high speed, what a joke. I actually always do really well on mine. I easily max everything, but the run which I usually get between an 80 or 90. I don't run but twice a year (PT Test) :-) Does this make me a squared away Soldier? Well when it comes to PT I guess so, but there is so much more. Do you know your job? Do you care and take care of your juniors? Do you put others before your self?
Are you a hard worker? Where is your moral compess pointed? The list goes on and on. Unfortunately you'll have personality clashes amongst the ranks which turns into unprofessionalism and discrimination. And then you'll have personality attractions which lead to favoritism and fraternization. I'm still enlisted and can still see a glimmer of hope. Spc out!!!

Lol. You nailed it


100% true! All of it!

everything you said is true