Suicide in the Military is SKY HIGH and you know why? Because the Army ( I can't speak for any other branch) is absolutely awful. I strongly considered ending my own life in order to not have to deal with the content BULLSHIT highers put us though, for no reason what so ever. You have NCOS with the IQ of my keyboard that keep you late because they have 27 year E-6s and their wife left them 7 years ago. You have officers that go around not giving a **** about the Soldiers they are over, but instead throw rank in everybodys face. I made some really good friends in the Army, but I HATED 85% of the people I met. Spouses, oh my god spouses are the worse. I wish I could choke every single spouse that spoke to me like I was a 5 year old. **** you *****. ******* PT at 6:15, but of course you have to be down at like 5:30 to stand in the freezing ******* cold, for NO GOD DAM REASON for 30 minutes before you do anything. Then, all PT does is wake everybody up, as there is no real point for it as people STILL fail PT tests. After that you sit in the Motor Pool for 8 hours, standing around trying to look busy just in cause anybody "important" walked in. After that you can go pack for a 14 day FTX, even though you are as POG as it gets and everybody will hate every second of it, but of course you still have to do it, because...ehhh...just do it. All the while getting yelled at by said fatass E-6. 

You know who I feel bad for? The people in the Army, that know it sucks, its pointless, and hate it, but have no way of getting out, and if they voice their displeasure are disciplined. I got lucky. After about a year of living this pointless life, I had enough, went to mental and simply told them I was going to kill myself if they kept me in. I wish I was lying. **** the Army. **** the fat *** Staff Sergeants. **** ALL officers. **** PT. **** FTX's. **** that dumb *** eye pro people wear on cloudy ******* days to look "badass" and "cool". **** it all man.

My advice is this. If you want out, get out. Don't be miserable like I was. That is all.
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The WARS are pointless. repeated deployments contribute to suicides, too.

LMFAAAAOOO AHAHAHAH U SAID "**** THAT STUPID EYE PRO PEOPLE WEAR ON A CLOUDY DAY TO LOOK BADASS AND COOL" omfggg lmfaaaooo thats so fcking true dude HAHAHAHA. i hate the army too, i want to get out so bad

Agree 100 percent! I'm Air Force and I'll tell you it's the exact same bullshit. I voice my hatred however, but good work ethic keeps the reprimands away. That, or they just know everything I say is true. You forgot about working weekends because some dumbass can't follow instructions. Plus the fact were all basically janitors and house keepers. Not to mention the 60 hour weeks for **** pay. I have a question though. How did mental health go? What happened? Because that's my next option. **** wasting two more years of my life being absolutely miserable. Not gonna happen. Thanks.