Yahoo Answers And Commenters Here Are Making Me Hate The Military Subculture

I dont know if its just me, but on Yahoo Answers Military category, other military types on that site, and some of the people who have commented on stories from this group are really beginning to **** me off with their macho, tough guy, authoritarian, far-right, loyalist attitude. One guy who supported Vietnam started ranting and raving about how immature, spoiled and selfish most Americans are, and then called all human sciences like Psychology and Sociology garbage. First off, calling anything that does not support your narrow, tough guy self righteous attitude just makes you sound ignorant, and a jerk. This is what I have been seeing with the self righteous Military subculture. And whats worse, is if you dare criticize or question the ways of the military, you are automatically branded as anti-American. I dont see how something should be above criticism or question in the name of defense. I support legitimate defense, like in WWII, considering that the German and Japanese governments were becoming tyrannical, and going completely mad with power. But I dont support wars that lead to nothing but death and destruction for no legitimate reason. Like Vietnam was just about some communist scare, and the War on Terror is all about oil and Islamophobia. So I dont support these wars. Does that make me weak or a coward? NO! Just cause I dont buy into Government propaganda, and fight in a war I dont agree with does not make me a coward. If we really supported our troops, we would get them the hell out of Iraq. Okay, I respect people who enlist into the Army because they genuinely want to serve and protect the PEOPLE. And I have nothing against those people who were forced into the draft in Vietnam. They did not choose to be in the war, and were imposed with lots of responsibility they did not ask for. What I dont respect are people who support pointless wars, and get all self righteous about it. Im sorry but starting and getting into pointless wars is not bravery. Remember in the Lion King, Mufasa told Simba that bravery is not going out looking for trouble, but fighting the good fight when trouble comes.
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Don't stop reading my post when you see I'm a 100% Service-Connected Disabled Career-Military Veteran. I just want you to hear as the late Paul Harvey would say, "The Rest of the Story".

First, may I suggest that "hate" might be a bit on the strong side. I hope you won't hate anyone; my experience suggests such emotions are never useful or beneficial to those generating or receiving the hate. The fact that you balanced your frustration to those (who appear to take a self-righteous attitude to their position, and want to degrade all those who don't agree with them) with consideration for certain segments of the military population suggest to me that you're not the hating kind.

Second, may I suggest that a lot of folks went into the military as normal thinkers, and came out with warped, messed up minds. For the first time in history, we had (recently) numbers of soldiers committing suicide exceed the number of those killed in combat (during a period of actual conflict). That doesn't suggest a very happy group of individuals, IMHO.

Third, may I suggest anyone wanting to think about use of the military actually think about what its real purpose is. The military is supposed to be an extention of national strength and power, and it is to be used in situations where it is in the nation's best interest to do so. I commend you for your observations as to the differences in use of that force. You didn't question the need in World War II, but thought many subsequent uses were never justified by a valid cause or purpose.

In my thinking, a person is a patriot, and cares about their country, needn't prance about with a $1.50 American flag pin on their clothing (which was produced at a cost of $0.002 in a sweat-shop, by overworked slave labor such as those who just died in the garment factory collapse). Quite the contrary; a patriot is a young (or old) person who questions the benefits from using military force to accomplish an objective, and even more who questions if that objective was ever in the nation's interest to begin with.

You fit my definition of a patriot (a word which IMHO is losing its emotional connotation). Don't ever stop questioning if something is right or wrong, no matter what emotional strings of yours someone will try to pull. Continue to be a free-thinker, not a puppet.

Best Wishes From A Busted Up Ol' Vet

My Grandpa was in WWII. So I maybe a little biased in supporting WWII. Where Im from, we get a pretty intense education on the Holocaust and WWII. However we dont get a very good education on Vietnam. I can understand why there is much bitterness amongst Vietnam Vets, when they were drafted into a violent war they did not want to be in, and then were welcomed back as mass murderers. I have trouble supporting the people who enlist in the current war, considering that the draft is not around anymore, especially when they know whats really going on. I respect the people who think they are fighting a good cause.

I don't know if I suggested it to you before, but check out the song, Universal Soldier, by Donavan (old protest song). It really makes a lot of sense. Most of the young folks hornswaggled into the military think they are doing the right thing, being patriotic, but as the song suggests, they are basically cannon fodder for use by the politicians who Won't go fight it themselves but conveniently own stocks or have intersts in companies which profit from war (go figure).

I think most believe they are fighting a good cause, but only realize they've been used after the fact (like the good girl who gives up her virginity to the guy on the football team who called her beautiful, but the day after was going around campus calling her a ****).

Glad to see you have your eyes open. Keep them that way.

Best Wishes