Waste Of Talent

I am not going to provide my experience coming in the Army (because I cannot speak of another branch of service) as my experience has been very similar to what other individuals have already describe in other posts. However, I am going to say that the Army WASTES so much individual creativity, potential, and desire for growth and development. I have a BA Degree in Forensic Science and currently obtaining my Masters Degree (which I am paying 35% of the tuition as the Army refused to pay for my books, ect). I acquired my degree prior to joining the service with ambitions of gaining experience first and then submitting my packet to become an officer. I changed my mind immediately after basic training due to incompetence, disorganization, and chaos created by the units I have been part of. Another point to bring up is favoritism within the ranks. I thought any employer would promote employees based on merit not based on the memorization of a few questions, rather in my unit people obtain their next rank based on high PT scores and being political with a First-Sergeant. These people who are getting promoted to lead future troops have no real education, cannot write original counseling statements neither positive nor negative. I came in with a burning desire to do great things, become an officer, and actually make a change; I have realized that I am wasting my life here because the harder I try to move up, ask to go to basic soldier schools like WLC, CLS, and such, I am denied or I'll go in the next cycle that never seems to arrive. With my expertise i have asked to move to other locations looking for a change and see if any body else who is not sexists, racists, or plays favoritism sees my potential and what i can offer as an educated human being. But there is the catch, they hate to see minorities progressing unless I become political aka a kiss ***--which i refuse to be, I see no progress or growth where I am at. Sometimes i look around me with disgust and I should have listened to the voice inside of me when I was on my bunk in basic training saying, "this is no you, you are better than this, RUN!." I guess it is too late for that now and I am counting day after day to get out and i have 20 months to go.
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I see you posted this in February of 2013 with 20 months to go...

As I read this, it's now October, 8 months later...

That means you are down to 12 months remaining.

Throughout my life, I can think of cases where a date seemed like a long way off but it finally arrived after remember, the end of your contract may seem like a long way off, but it does eventually arrive.

Think of yourself as though you are a prisoner with 20 months left on your sentence. Just muddle through until your time is served and you are released. Prepare educationally, psychologically, and perhaps even by trying to establish some contacts on the outside that may be useful once you get there.

Look back on the benefit of what you are experiencing. Now you know what bothers you and what you want to avoid for the rest of your life.

Look back again on all those blackguards who fail to meet your expectations. When you think "those sycophants, those deadbeats, I want to kick their fat *****, " edit. Replace those thoughts with "those poor souls are lacking my intelligence, ambition, and integrity. I feel sorry for them and will try to provide for them a loving example of service, integrity, and professionalism.

Wow you really lifted my spirits up. and your very last sentences is the reason why i smile in their faces, I am very happy overall because while they are in a crappy job, collecting pennies, I am getting ahead obtaining my education. Thank you for your advices and thoughts.