Another Reason To Dislike The Army

Waste of life, time, ambition, best years of my life--my youth. I sat at the office today from 0900 to 1130 doing absolutely nothing but hear a bunch of high school graduates and mom-to-be females talking about a party in the barracks, boys, and interior house decorations, and "gay this" and gay that" (how ignorant). Where am i? Why am i here? Why cannot get out of here? Why did I place myself in this situation? Is it time for me to go yet? These questions kept running through my mind as i sat there reading a book in sadness. I don't care about collecting a paycheck, it is not that much anyway. I care about the time that I am wasting away from my loved ones doing absolutely nothing other than completing my Masters Degree. I soon realized that many of the individuals in my unit have no ambitions whatsoever, no career ambition outside the military, or no desire to grow as individuals within the Army, and beside the ones who get promoted and get to work at high leveled offices as their reward for being lazy, kissing ***, and obtaining credit for other people's work. It is so frustrating to sit there watching and listening but the worse part of it all is experiencing favoritism. I have realized that I am just different and don't belong in this organization. And I feel this way because I am treated differently. Maybe I intimidate people because I am outspoken and portray myself professionally. I am educated and those around me barely graduated high school, have criminal records from child molestation to sexual harassment. And these are the individuals i am supposed to look up to? when a female gets sexually harassed within the ranks and First-Sergeants and leaders do everything in their power to cover it up. I never believed this until i experienced it myself and my friend believe it does unfortunately happen. I can't stand the abuse of rank any longer and how some NCO's talk to subordinates as if they are inferior or a lesser human being than they are. I am thankful for this website where I came come and share my experiences with others who are undergoing the same experiences or want to gain a better understanding of "The Army Life."
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Wow, your experience sounds identical to mine...

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