Pregnant Females In The Army

Do you really really want to know what grinds my gears?....I mean it really grinds my gears to see pregnant female soldiers at the gym occupying every single inch of valuable fitness real-estate. Every morning is the same story in every Army installation worldwide. Why so many females soldiers get pregnant to get out of the Army? They can't perform real PT (obviously), don't do nothing at work, are always moody, complaining about every little thing, always have appointments, and come to work to just complain about how their lives really suck now that they are pregnant. Then, they get a 4187 to request a chapter to get full benefits, GI Bill and all, when they haven't been in the army for more than 12 months. How unfair is this?

What do you guys think?
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Your a Masogonistic pig that's what I think. I was a grunt and never had to work with women but saw them in combat doing the same job. My guess is that you are a weak man that's not a grunt and never seen a day of combat. And prior to current policies women were generally discharged without benefits for starting a family. So atleast now they are making a choice to leave so WTF are you complaining about you pogue!!!

Are the fathers of these babies not to blame as well? It does take 2 to tango last I checked.
I'm sure there are some who do get pregnant on purpose, but I would be shocked if that was more than 5%.
Pregnancy happens when sex happens. Birth control is by no means 100% effective. Taking an antibiotic will render the pill ineffective. Certain pills need to be taken at the same time every day to be effective. Condoms break. Both tubal ligations and vasectomies can fail ( though rare).
Honestly the only true form of birth control is abstinence.

@ gumshoejane2... Sadly even abstinence is not an answer. I like where your head and heart are I really do. But mother nature will not be denied in what is basically an instinctual act between a man and a woman.

Been to a club.

What is there to explain? We as a species are animals and we respond to our animal nature from time to time. I am sure your parents taught you about the birds and the bees, yes?

If you don't want the stresses of being an Army wife, there is an excellent solution. Don't become one.

Oh yea, not to mention their ridiculous hair styles that are never to standard. Then they start bitching about some glass-*******-ceiling and BAM! Promotion.

One more thing, their all fat slobs unlike marine females who still have self-respect.

Being former NAVY, I too have seen what is talked about here. But, let us keep in mind a simple thing. Some, but not all those women intentionally got pregnant to get out, some it did just happen because of some sweet talking words about how special it would be or great it would feel.

I served in the Air Force and I've seen cases like that myself. My only question was about the "full benefits," as I've never heard of that for getting discharged after becoming pregnant.

Michael, a woman who consents is responsible for that decision.

I am well aware of that, but the way amorfati2015 is making it sound. Is that every woman who is in there, has intentionally gotten pregnant for the expressed purpose of getting discharged from the Military. Not all went to bed with the express purpose of becoming pregnant.

Females in the army should have required BC implants so they can't get knocked up.

That being the case, so should the men too! Why should it be woman who have to maintain the BC requirements.

i have no issue with it and o do not see where youhave a say unless youhave served for this country two

Mt wife was USMC and granted she never wask carring a child and not that we did not try for a long time

but most males would leave her alone theydid not weant the beating she could hand out
she and manyothewr are very able to care for them selfs in combat with no issues

Less than a year? For separating after getting pregnant? I'll have to look into this. Unless things are different for the Army than the Air Force, I don't see how they can get full benefits for serving no more than 12 months. Everything before that pretty much sums it up though.

It's being used as a free theft ticket by
the feminnazi's. It will come to an end

I agreement seven heaven and a great reply. And I know women that have served as well. But did there time and left before they started their families. And most were combat nurses at a combat evac. And have very successful nursing careers now. And very happy.

I agree that the gender integration of the military in the 1970s was a mistake. Frankly, I wouldn't want to be an army wife knowing all the sexual temptation involved in the gender integrated military.

The liberal feminist political correctness regime. Keep speaking out against it, and some day it will become ripe for downfall.

It is not disrespect to women to note that there are some things they are drastically less suited for, especially when they have only half the upper body strength of men and obviously are no match with lower body strength either.

Cc I disagree with lower body strength. I saw V.C. women snap a man's neck in a leg lock in Nam. Like breaking a match stick between two fingers

A neck is a vulnerable body part. Women can't run as fast as men.

Thats true but dig in for ambush skills are excellent. Been in two hour firefight more than once against women. But they were heartless! And high on Asia coke

Darwinist, the military doesn't exist to provide jobs for women. The military has purposes that men are drastically better suited for.

Darwinist, there are huge differences between men and women. Your ignoring that is the closed mindedness.


Dude I am a female myself!!!!!! I am a female soldier!!!! its not being sexist or discriminating my own but the fact of the matter is that many females in the military dont have to do anything but get pregnant, look pretty, and sleep with higher ups to get ahead. It is truly sad because these women take advantage of the system and give a bad name to the hard working females. You dont understand because you dont have the experience. My post has nothing to do with sexism.

Dude, I am just done with you. I have no hope for humanity.

Well, i agree!!!! and again i am a female myself! there is so much our bodies CANNOT handle like running 10 miles while taking turns carrying someone else on my shoulders. That is hard to do as a small and skinny female. In no shape or form are females able to handle infantry jobs or special forces. We are not strong and perhaps there are certain females that can do it physically but not even closed emotionally or psychologically or vice versa. Its just how we were created. Its not about being sexist or racists its about facts! many studies prove this anyhow

ok Darwinist now we are talking. Like you, I am in a journey to Buddhism. And I am still developing in all ways professionally, personally, physically, and also spiritually. Im not 100% but everyday i try to live like Buddha. In your previous posts when you mentioned we dont need war and this world will be better off without it, i agreed because i dont believe i have the authority to kill another fellow human being, or destroy places that lead to the destruction of the fauna and flora. but when i was young, the humanitarian side of the military attracted me and i wanted to be part of it to help around the world. Although, these ideas have changed in time as I am more mature now and see things in a different light. I dont think joining was a mistake, i am grateful i did because here i have found myself.

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