Professionalism In The Army

I don't "hate" the Army but I really dislike the unprofessionalism within the ranks. The Army brags about how professional, proficient, disciplined, and knowledgeable soldiers are and how they should implement the Army values in their actions. However, in my experience, i have to say that this is not true. I have had commanders standing in front of formations saying "F this" and "F that" before and after every single sentence. This demonstrates a lack of vocabulary and, at the same time, unprofessionalism. I feel that respect should be one of the most emphasized Army values; however, where i come from, you earn that respect. In the Army, if you are a junior enlisted, you are looked down upon and belittled, not only by other enlistee soldiers, but by DoD employees, including high rank personnel. Even when a soldier is proficient and an expect in their job, they are ignored as a human being first and dismissed as ignorant simply because the symbol on their chest represents a low rank. Therefore, in people's eyes, they are unimportant, untrained, worthless, and disregarded. The Army is ran by junior enlisted. Without these poor high school graduates, who become privates, and take on jobs, the Army would not function as i dont see officers willing to pick up trash or clean bathrooms, toilets, streets, and highways around post. I wish that PVTs would receive the respect that they deserve as human beings.
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i agree. its even worse i believe when a squad leader is ate up and sets his own soldier up for failure by failing to do simple things such as telling them what time a formation is or where the formation will be held at and what to bring, if anything. Yes, officers seriously grind my gears, and dont even get me started with warrant officers. You're right about respect, it should be earned, not because someone has a certain rank. I love it how many people are saying im going to reenlist, I WAS, but after going through and seeing some of the BS, i said, ummm nevermind. Im not choosing to stay in a unit that works its soldiers like slaves and the chain of command dont give a rats @$$ about its soldiers and will punish them to the fullest for the smallest things. Oh how i cant wait to ets, 10 months to go and then its bye bye 101st.

I definitely agree on that respect should be earned and it should not based on a rank. I dislike it when PVTs are more ready than their own squad leaders from uniform appearance to how they communicate. I also agree that COC does not care about their soldiers AT ALL. I know exactly what you are talking about. I see it everyday in my unit how officers get away with DUIs yet PVTs and SGTs in general are automatically booted out of the Army. I see how lazy WO become and i cannot generalize because I'd be lying. And I also wanted to become an officer as i have the credentials but i have experience too much negativity, bad and careless leadership that I am not sure if i will sign again on the dotted line.