so ive been in the army for 8 yrs and ive seen my fair share of combat as an infantryman.
well i told a soldier to do something, very simple but he ignores me so i tell him again to make sure he heard me. long story short he blows me off and instead of yelling at him (because the army says i yell to much) i tell him to go get me someone else to help me. he goes and tells the 1sgt that i threatened to stab instead of asking me my side they send me to mental health. well im pissed at this point and now ive got these docs telling me im crazy and my standards for soldiers are to high. they took my weapon and my pride as a soldier, so im quitting the army. i cant care about an army that says a private has more say then me. m an infantryman with 8 yrs and alot of combat time that cant hold a weapon because of a lying pride has been put into the mud. i think im going to travel around until i can find a place to call home. maybe become a train conductor.
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Disrespect in the Army nowadays is as common as the disregard for the Army values. I am sorry to say but when the war kicked off the army did not care about what kind of people they were investing in and now the Army does not have enough chapters to boot out people that made the army what it is today. The Army does not care about you, your life, aspirations, personal goals, or career advancements. If they find you "unfit" for today's Army, they will find anything to get rid of you regardless of your years of service, your years of sacrifice, or how much you love your job or how well you do it. You are here for the Army, the Army does not own you anything and is not here for you. It is so unfortunate, but this is how it is.